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How Much Do Cleveland Nursing Homes Cost?

There are approximately 1,000 nursing homes that provide care to about 80,000 elderly Ohio residents. Nursing homes are designed to provide the elderly who need more medical services than others with a place to live and remain healthy while receiving the treatment they need. The Ohio Department of Health provides licenses and inspections to the nursing homes in the city of Cleveland. If a facility is certified for Medicaid or Medicare, it has to meet the federal certification standards, as well as the state set requirements.

Statistics about Long Term and Nursing Home Care in Cleveland

The state of Ohio is ranked 30 in the nation in regard to the cost of a single nursing home room.

There is a total of 149 nursing homes in the metropolitan area of Cleveland, which includes Mentor, Lakewood, and Elyria.

Virtually 70 percent of all people who are over the age of 35 in Cleveland will need nursing home care at some point in time.

The Cost of Care in Cleveland

The cost for nursing home care varies, based on the type of facility, location of the facility and the services that are offered. Around the state of Ohio, the average cost of nursing home care reaches more than $5,000 per month. In Cleveland, the average cost, per day, for nursing home care and a private room is $227. For a semi-private room, the cost is $201.

Life in the Nursing Home – What’s It Like?

The typical nursing home will offer service for their residents in regard to their activities of daily living. This includes using the bathroom, eating, getting into and out of bed, and grooming and hygiene. There are some residents in nursing homes who also receive additional care for chronic disorders they may suffer from. It is important to keep in mind, the more care that is needed, the higher the cost of care in the Cleveland nursing home is going to be.

How nursing home staff members exceed expectations

In addition to the staff planning activities for residents, and offering physical and occupational therapy for those who need it, there are some nursing homes that go even further. For example, McGregor in Cleveland offers 32-acres of gardens for residents and Judson Manor offers cultural experiences for every resident in the community. These are just a few of the ways that nursing home care in Cleveland is unique.

Qualities of the best nursing homes

Finding the right nursing home requires more consideration than just the amenities and activities offered at the facility. The senior and their family have to consider other factors as well. This includes the experience and training of the staff, the nutritional plans and whether or not additional care, such as memory services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy is provided. Taking time to consider all these important factors can help any senior, and their family, find the right nursing home for their needs.

Long Term Care Services: Payment Options and Assistance

For some families, having to pay for the high cost of nursing home care in Cleveland is virtually impossible. Even if they were to exhaust all their financial options, they may not have enough for more than a few years of care. The good news is that there are a number of assistance programs to help those who are unable to personally cover the costs of care.

In most cases, nursing home care will not be covered by Medicare. It is also not covered by a number of types of health insurance. If in a nursing home, you should not drop health coverage, since it can continue to cover medical needs for the senior. Health coverage also includes Medicare.

Medicaid pays for about seven out of every 10 nursing home residents. This is a state and federal program that provides payment for certain services. However, you have to find a nursing home that accepts Medicaid payments.

Another option to pay for nursing home care is long-term care insurance. This is a private type of insurance that will help to pay for all types of long-term care, which includes nursing home stays. Long-term care insurance needs to be purchased long before it is actually needed.

Members of the uniformed services and federal employees may have access to additional benefits. This will help cover the costs of long-term care and ensure that the person can receive the care they need as they age.

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