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Cleveland Senior Movers and Downsizers

While it can be exciting to move to a new space or location, most people don’t get too excited about the daunting process of sorting and packing everything up. Moving is especially difficult for senior citizens for several reasons. Many seniors have physical limitations which makes it hard to reach, lift, and bend. Boxes are often too heavy for them to move from place to place. They don’t always have proper tools for disassembling furniture or other items. Senior moving services take away a lot of the worry and stress of moving.

Container Storage Eases Senior Moving

Many moving companies are now offering large container storage units, or pods, that can be dropped off at the senior’s home in their yard or driveway. Boxes, furniture, and other items can be moved to the storage container a little at a time until everything is ready to move into the new living space. Using a storage container makes it easier on seniors who won’t feel so rushed to make decisions about the personal items that they’ve come to love and appreciate during their lifetimes. Storage containers also make it easier for adult children and other family members to spend a few hours or days helping pack and store things as their schedules permit. When the storage unit is fully packed, the moving service picks it up and moves it to the new location.

Senior Moving Tips

Many seniors have trouble lifting heavy items, so it helps to use smaller boxes for smaller things that are heavy, like books and dishes. Lighter, bulky items can be packed in larger boxes. Fill boxes completely so that contents don’t shift during the move. Labeling things properly can be a substantial help in the unpacking process. List the contents of each box or which room it belongs in, on the top and side of the boxes. Disassemble furniture items, labeling the pieces, and pack with cloth or paper pads for protection, so they can be easily reassembled in the new location. Use lots of bubble wrap and packing materials for damage-free moving.

Cleveland Senior Moving Companies

Seniors living in the Cleveland area can get help from several senior moving companies. Here are a few of them: Caring Transitions of Beachwood specializes in estate sales and senior relocation. Relocation coordinators act as the senior’s advocate to make sure their wishes are carried out as mutually agreed upon. The coordinator chooses compassionate movers according to the senior’s needs. Movers are bonded, dependable, and trained in senior moving.

Moves Made Easier is a company that moves seniors between locations. They will also help seniors downsize within the current living space by packing, sorting, and disposing of items that are no longer needed. This helps seniors lead a simpler, easier, and more manageable life.

Tomorrow’s Transitions does more than senior moving. They will organize homes to make senior living easier within the current living space. They will also help prepare the current home for sale and help design the new space for convenient living. Movers will help a little or a lot, according to the senior’s needs.

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