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Cleveland Senior Centers

Cleveland is a great place for seniors to call home because this amazing city has everything a senior would need to have fun and learn. Older people in Cleveland have the option of taking each other on in different games, they love taking the stage to entertain others, they organize amazing trips, and they like to socialize.

Where Seniors Play Games

Seniors might not want to compete in extremely demanding activities, but that does not mean that they will not try to best each other at a game of Monopoly, chess, or even some track and field events. The Cleveland Recreational centers offer the Seniors Fifty & Fit Program where seniors get to play dominoes, card games, checkers, and chess. The ThistleDown Racino is one of the best places for seniors to play Bingo on almost any day of the week.

Where Seniors Go To Keep Learning

The Ohio Department of Aging promotes Lifelong Learning by offering seniors the opportunity to attend university or technical colleges for courses where they do not have to pay any fees. Seniors can also catch up with what is happening in the world of computers by taking computer classes from places like the Cleveland Public Library.

Where Seniors Go To Keep Fit In Cleveland

Most senior centers in Cleveland have fitness programs for seniors, where seniors get to engage in activities such as aerobics, yoga, weightlifting, and other fitness activities. Cleveland Heights Community Center is a great place where seniors looking to keep fit can begin, thanks to its amazing fitness program. Seniors looking to improve their balance and body conditioning can visit Geauga Family YMCA, where fitness experts will help them achieve their goals.

Where Cleveland Seniors Go To Take The Stage

Some churches in Cleveland such as The First Baptist Church have senior choirs, which perform in church and other forums. Singing in a choir is a great way of getting seniors performing on stage and building their talents. Seniors in Cleveland can also learn how to dance different types of dances that favor their age such as ballroom dancing and tap-dancing. The Cleveland Heights Senior Activity Center is a great place for seniors to learn how to dance and eventually perform in front of an audience.

Cleveland Seniors Looking For Opportunities To Meet

Seniors in Cleveland can meet while playing games, in dance or singing practice, and even in learning institutions, but those do not serve all their needs. Seniors have Meetup groups, which they use to socialize with friends or even for dating. An excellent example of a place where seniors can search for love and get into relationships is Mingle2.

When Cleveland Seniors Want To See The World

Some remarkable advantages that seniors have over other age groups are that they have money and a lot of time on their hands, time that they love spending on the road. Seniors look for travel agents in Cleveland such as Travel AARP, who plan group trips to different parts of the world for the seniors. Various senior clubs such as the Athens Federal Senior Travel Club, organize travel to the seniors' areas of interest.

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