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Cleveland Concierge Services

Businesses in the hospitality, event planning, and medical fields are relying more and more on concierge services to tend to the personal needs of their clients. Some businesses are finding that it’s efficient to supplement their own services with the services from concierge providers. Concierge providers specialize in many of the tasks that require extra time and attention to detail. This allows businesses to place their primary focus on the services they do best and still provide a premier offering of service to their clients. Here are some of the concierge services that seniors might explore.

The Connected Concierge performs personal errands, tends to projects, organizes homes, helps with packing, does house sitting, does personal and grocery shopping, makes travel arrangements, makes pick-ups and drop offs to the pharmacy and dry cleaning, and takes care of pets. Professional workers also take care eldercare needs, postoperative assistance, planning entertainment for guests, and planning family or dinner parties.

Life Made Simple is a service that takes care of grocery shopping, meal planning, dry cleaning, personal shopping, home organization, decluttering, making reservations, gift shopping and wrapping, making travel arrangements, house sitting, paying bills, managing home projects, moving assistance, holiday decorating, automotive needs, and event planning.

SPC Concierge handles many tasks that are hard for seniors to do themselves. The service provides home and grounds management, relocation, design, travel assistance, transportation management, social and event planning, and personal wellness. The service also helps seniors who want to downsize, move to another placement, need companionship, and go through the final stages of life.

A Helping Hand Concierge performs many tasks for seniors to help them with daily living. Some services offered include grocery shopping, dry cleaning, banking, house sitting, meal preparation, meal delivery, light housekeeping, getting the mail and newspaper, gift shopping, shoe and clothing repair, document courier services, and appointment scheduling.

University Hospitals Concierge Services is a service that assists seniors with recovery after a physical injury or medical crisis. The hospital’s concierge service connects seniors with rehabilitation centers to help them recover faster and more fully.

Final Moments Concierge is a unique concierge service that assists with handling tasks surrounding the death of a loved one. Services include placing obituary notices in the newspaper, sending out announcement and thank you cards, creating electronic tributes and providing flowers, balloons, and fruit baskets. The concierge service provides home delivery for catering, housekeeping, making hotel reservations for out of town guests, coordinating celebration of life events, making referrals for bereavement counseling, assisting the estate attorney, helping with the estate sale, and home staging.

Revati Wellness is a concierge service that is dedicated to providing a full array of services to meet the health and wellness goals of seniors and others. The practice focuses on preventing diseases and full body healing. The service works to prevent future illnesses, including diagnosing and preventing diabetes. The service provides Mind Body Coaching so clients have less anxiety and sleep more soundly.

Concierge services can help with most any type of need including medical, home assistance, pet assistance, travel assistance, handyman services, and food delivery.

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