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Cleveland Aging In Place

Whether you live in a cozy cottage in Tremont or spend your days in Shaker Square, Cleveland is your home and you probably want to stay here. As you age, you might think it’s inevitable that you move into a nursing home but there are so many services offered now that can allow you to get the same treatment from the comfort of your own home. You can use a homemaker to help you clean your house, cook your meals, and run your errands, and you can hire a home health aide to monitor your vital signs, help you with personal grooming tasks, and remind you to take your medication.

How Can I Pay For In-Home Care?

Many seniors are on a fixed income and worry that they can’t afford in-home care but you do have a few options when it comes to covering costs. If you have long-term care insurance you should check your policy to see if in-home care is covered. Veterans can use their VA assistance and low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits. The city of Cleveland also has programs to help seniors maintain their homes, get necessary repairs, and even have home health care services as long as they are qualified.

What Is The Cost Of In-Home Care?

The best way to get a rough idea of the cost for in-home care is to look at averages. National monthly averages for home care services is right around $3,800. Your own cost will take into account a few things like where you live and what kind of care you decide to use.

In Cleveland, home care averages are fairly close to the national averages. Both homemaker services and home health aides cost about $3,861 per month. This means you will be paying around $127 per day and an annual total of about $46,332. Remember this is just an average cost and when you compare it to the annual cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home ($83,950), it is almost half the cost.

How Do I Find A Good Provider?

As long as you take your time and do your research, you should be able to find a provider you trust and who meets your needs. Talk with your friends or family members who have used these services before and ask your doctor if they have any referrals. The Better Business Bureau of Cleveland can offer some added insight, through user reviews and business reports.

You should also have a list of questions that you would like to ask each provider. Find out if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can also ask about how they hire their employees and if they use any kind of screening process. You will want to make sure that you understand their payment options and plans as well as how they handle their scheduling. If all of your questions have been answered satisfactorily, you can start services right away.

Do I Have Any Other In-Home Care Options?

Of course, you do! There are so many different kinds of services offered and it is simple to create a care plan that fits your needs. Whether you need more or less care, you can search online concierge services to find the right plan. is a good option for pet owners that need help with pet sitting or dog walking and Handy is a good option when you need to find a housecleaner. TaskRabbit lets you find people to help you with any number of chores or errands you might have. If your house is in disrepair or needs updates to make it safe for you, you can look on or Amazon Home Services. Remember to ask each person you consider plenty of questions before you start services.

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