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How to Get Around Cincinnati Without Driving

In cities as large as Cincinnati, your doctor’s office or other places you visit could be ten or more miles away from where you live. You might think it would be hard to get around if you do not own a car or cannot drive safely. Yet, Cincinnati has a number of transportation solutions. You will have no trouble getting across town thanks to Cincinnati’s senior care organizations, taxi companies, senior service programs, and public transportation.


The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) is the public transit agency serving Cincinnati and the surrounding suburbs. The agency operates Metro buses on 46 routes. Seniors 65 and older can take part in the Fair Deal program. This allows you to ride all of the buses for half price once you get a Fair Deal card by simply proving your age with a government-issued ID. Metro buses are designed to meet the accessibility requirements set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act. They also offer free, personalized, one-on-one instruction on how to ride smoothly.

Take a Taxi

If you need to run errands or have a meeting, you might want to look into using any of Cincinnati’s taxi companies. You can make advance reservations on your home computer or on a phone with all of the licensed taxi services in Cincinnati, including Queen City Yellow Cab, RiverFront Taxi Services, and Cincinnati Taxi. If you want to hire a professional door-to-door driving service for a retired person in your life, you can also prepay for rides with some cab services.

Senior Care Transportation

Home health companies in Cincinnati typically offer transportation to just about anywhere as part of their list of services. Home Helpers, Itheas Care With Compassion, and Visiting Angels are a few of the organizations that promote their ride services online. This option is great because you will likely know the driver since they are usually your caregiver, you get to make as many stops as you want, you can choose to ride in your own vehicle or your driver’s car, and you get companionship and help while shopping.

Get a Ride from Community Members

Uber and Lyft are just a couple of the ride-sharing companies that operate in Cincinnati. These services are great because you can schedule rides in advance, get help from your front door to the entrance of where you want to go, and you can get transportation when you need it. If you are smartphone-savvy or have help, this is the perfect alternative. However, be sure you understand the pricing since the prices can increase dramatically during peak hours, such as rush hour.

Personalized Services Help You Ride

Access Transportation is for seniors whose disabilities prevent them from riding Metro buses. It is a shared-ride program that offers curb-to-curb service. You can learn more by calling 513-621-4455.

You can turn to Alux Transportation for both medical and non-medical transportation. They are a contracted provider of the area Council on Aging and can be reached at 513-665-5022.

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