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Financial Assistance for Cincinnati Seniors

Cincinnati is an area full of great options for things to do and places to live in retirement. Seniors may love the city, but as the cost of living increases in the area, it may make affording monthly necessities challenging on a limited budget. If you are experiencing difficulty affording the basics each month, or you have a loved one in this situation, know that community resources exist in the form of agencies, government programs, and not-for-profits who can help. Assistance is available for things like affording food and hot meals, paying your utilities, home maintenance and accessibility improvements, and companionship. Here we’ll outline resources in Cincinnati you can contact for more information and for help affording monthly living expenses.

Healthy meals delivered to your door and help stocking your pantry

The Ohio Council on Aging offers three different types of home meal delivery service to Ohio seniors. To qualify, you must be 60 years or older and unable to prepare your own meal in the home. Meals are delivered at no charge to eligible seniors, but donations are accepted. Deupree Meals on Wheels also offers delivery services to seniors in eastern Cincinnati.

If you are able to shop for groceries and prepare your own meals, apply for the Ohio Food Assistance Program. Awarded as an EBT card, benefits are granted based on income level and need through the state. If you are hungry and need access to food quickly, reach out to one of the dozens of food banks or senior food resources in the area.

Help with keeping your home livable and finding subsidized housing

If you own your home, you may find over time that you need repairs, maintenance, or even work done to make it accessible for you as you age. To help, the City of Cincinnati has the Compliance Assistance Repairs for the Elderly (CARE) Program that provides grants for home repairs for seniors who meet the qualifying criteria.

Monthly utility and gas bills can add up quickly, and Ohio offers a few different options to help to make those costs more affordable for low-income seniors. The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can subsidize your monthly heating and cooling costs based on your income, and the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) offers more affordable monthly payments and debt forgiveness on past-due bills.

The Cincinnati Metro Housing Authority offers a variety of subsidized senior housing options for older adults in the area, and you can apply for the waiting list to find a nice place to live at an affordable monthly rate. If you’re searching for a faster housing solution in the area, check out one of the dozens of senior communities who operate as a not-for-profit such as Maple Knoll Village. Often times, these properties will have rates available for low-income seniors that are an affordable alternative.

Visit with friends, get help with benefits, and arrange a ride around town

The Cincinnati area is full of recreation and senior centers who offer programming and activities for adults ages 50 and above including games, crafts, exercise, and even a hot meal during the day. Some centers, like the Anderson Township Senior Center, will offer transportation to and from an appointment or the center for a suggested donation of between $4 and $10 each way. Seniors who aren’t able to leave their home can contact a Senior Companion service, like the one offered through Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio. The program matches another senior in the community to you and has them visit you at home to keep you company and to do activities with you during the week.

A final resource to explore is the Council on Aging for Southwest Ohio. The website offers dozens of free resources to help you find the right assistance to help make retirement in Cincinnati affordable.

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