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Cincinnati Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

There are a lot of opportunities within the city of Cincinnati for seniors that enjoy getting out and helping others have a better life. For those that want some animal companionship, there is the animal shelters, ASPCA, and other groups that promote the health and welfare of the animals around them.

Volunteering may be as simple as checking an activities calendar at your retirement community. Management can often help connect you with positions that are good for your ability level and interests. Cincinnati is a very friendly city that you will enjoy being a volunteer in.

Cincinnati Parks And Recreation

Being outdoors is part of the fun when volunteering for the parks and recreation department. If you are fairly physically active, you may find yourself cleaning up or organizing others for projects. There are a lot of different opportunities out there. Many projects get started when someone in the community gets a great idea.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

If you have a lot of pride in your community, then this is the organization for you. Projects include removing graffiti, picking up trash, and educating others about taking pride in the appearance and upkeep of the city. If you have a group of friends that want to volunteer, you can take part in an Adopt-A-Spot program where you are assigned a specific area to keep beautiful.

City Of Cincinnati Special Events

The city helps put on events such as the special senior Olympics and the Saylor Park 5K race. It takes a lot of volunteers to help make these events happen. These are opportunities that may only last a day. You can contact them for more information as to what the requirements are for volunteers.

Give Back Cincinnati

This database allows you to search for a lot of different volunteer opportunities. No matter what your interests are, this is a good place to look for one-day projects, group projects, and special events. Give Back Cincinnati is experienced at helping others find the people they need to make the city the best it can be.

Creating Your Volunteer Projects

Many people create their volunteer projects by hosting fundraisers or donating something that can be auctioned. If you have friends that do hobbies and crafts, you could set-up an online shop and sell items for charity or auction them on eBay. This is a great way for those that are more housebound to give back to the community and it can be done whenever you have a spare moment.

Gathering Friends And Family For Group Projects

A lot of organizations have group projects in mind already, or you can suggest your own. If you have family or friends in the area or that are visiting, a volunteer project can be a great way to spend time with them, and you get the bonus of having helped others. You may find that your grand kids or others have a lot of fun and may continue to volunteer with you on a regular basis.

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