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Cincinnati Veterans Support Groups

Cincinnati veterans have more resources at their disposal than they might realize. If you are a veteran or you help a veteran in any way, it is important to know what type of benefits are out there. Veterans can get help with housing, transportation, automobiles, health care, taxes, clothing, and more. Here are some of the resources that Cincinnati veterans and their loved ones should look at.

The Cincinnati Veteran's Hospital provides a lot of services to vets. Both routine and major medical care services are available to veterans and their spouses. In some circumstances, the children of vets may also qualify for some medical benefits, but this is not typical.

Counseling and occupational therapy are available as well. Social workers and doctors can work together to help you apply for benefits for yourself or a veteran you take care of.

Online Benefits Application

Many benefits can be applied for online. This can be faster than making an initial appointment with a VA caseworker. The type of benefits you are applying for can decide how long it will take to process your application. Some cases are simply more complex than others. For example, if you have PTSD and shrapnel from Vietnam, then doctors records will have to be retrieved and a decision made.

Cincinnati Vet Center

The Cincinnati Vet Center can help veterans apply for a variety of benefits. Officers can help you determine exactly what you qualify to apply for so you don't have to fill out extra forms. The vet center can also assist with helping vets discover new hobbies and healthy ways to fill there time.

Spouses and family members of vets are encouraged to participate in the services offered at the vet center. Emotional support is often needed for those that care for veterans. The vet center can also explain any hard to understand issues related to benefits and time lines for getting compensation.

Cincinnati VA Medical Center

The vast complex of medical facilities at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center provides outstanding health care services for veterans and their families. Transportation to and from appointments can be arranged, and prescriptions can be filled online via their convenient website.

Both primary and major care services are offered as well as physical and occupational therapy. An on-site pharmacy provides mail order and pick up prescription services for veterans.

State Veterans Homes

Ohio has two state-run veterans homes for assisted living and long-term care of veterans and their spouses. If your child served, you might also qualify for admission. Your veterans service officer can help you with applying for assisted living care benefits.

Some veterans with combat-related disabilities and illnesses may find that all of their assisted living care is covered by their benefits. Others may only have to make up a small difference. Sometimes this difference is covered by Medicare or private insurance. Company retirement plans and savings are other sources.

For more information on the Aid & Attendance Benefit and to learn how it can help pay for assisted living, please visit

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