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Cincinnati Veterans Benefits

Although the benefits available to veterans are clearly in place, the process of how to secure those benefits for qualified vets and their families can be a bit fuzzier. For the time that they’ve dedicated to serving the country in the military, it is the right of all veterans to receive the benefits they deserve.

For veterans in Cincinnati, those benefits include things like helping with health care, finding or purchasing a home, or securing a job or education. Here are some local resources that can help Cincinnati-based vets find the benefits they need.

Veterans Health Benefits in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati VA Medical Center provides veterans with the health services that they need at all different levels of care or age of veteran. Whether you’re looking for primary care serves or you’re in need of something a little more specialized, the Cincinnati VA Medical Center can provide you with treatment. Here are some of the health care services provided by the Cincinnati VA Medical Center:


Community Living Center


Hospice and Palliative Care

Medical Foster Home Program

Mental Health Education and Training

Occupational Therapy

Pain Management

Physical Therapy

Many veterans wrongly believe that they need to be injured during their time in the military in order to receive health benefits from the VA, but this isn’t the case. As long as veterans were not dishonorably discharged, they are entitled to receive some health benefit from the VA.

Veterans Home Benefits in Cincinnati

Although not located in Cincinnati, the city does fall under the jurisdiction of the Cleveland Regional Loan Center of the Cleveland Regional Benefit Office. For veterans looking to secure loans for their home or who need financial assistance keeping their property, the Cleveland Regional Loan Center should be your first line of contact.

The Cleveland Regional Loan Center helps veterans secure the funds they need to purchase their own home, whether it is through administering VA Home Loan Guarantees or building communities for temporary veteran living.

For veterans struggling with homelessness, the Cincinnati VA Medical Center provides a number of safe housing programs for veterans in need. Those programs include:

Homeless Provider Grant and Per Diem Program

HUD-VA Supportive Housing Program

Acquired Property Sales for Homeless Providers Program

Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program

Each of these programs are aimed at reducing the number of homeless vets in the area, supporting organizations and communities that help homeless veterans, and providing assistance to veteran family members.

Additional Veterans Benefits in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati VA Medical Center doesn’t only provide local veterans with medical care and treatments. Vets in the area can also receive other benefits from the VA Medical Center, including support from the following departments:

Community Employment Services

Community Outreach Division

Compensated Work Therapy

Family Services Program

Social Work

Supported Employment

Veterans Integration into Academic Leadership Program

Veterans Justice Outreach

Whether you’re looking for assistance with legal issues, finding a job, or continuing your education, the Cincinnati VA Medical Center can be a great place to start. If they cannot provide you with the services you’re looking for, they can help you get in contact with someone who can.

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