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Cincinnati Support Groups for Caregivers

Support goes a long way for elderly family members who struggle to make it on their own. The people who take care of them require support as well though, as it is often quite difficult to handle the many responsibilities that come with handling all forms of a care for another person. Cincinnati offers a number of important resources to caregivers, including information regarding where to find support groups. There are at least three resources to choose from.

Caregiver Assistance Network

The Caregiver Assistance Network is available through Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio. The groups began in 1996, with more than 340 people participating regularly. The groups are held in the Greater Cincinnati area, spread through the counties of Butler, Clermont, Clinton, and Hamilton. Many meet once or twice a month for roughly an hour and a half.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary holds a meeting on the first and third Thursdays of each month. It runs from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Deupree House hosts a session on every second Wednesday at 2 p.m., while the Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community has a time available at 3 p.m. every third Wednesday. Before attending the first meeting, it is important to call the Careline to let them know. Their number is (513) 869-4483.

Many people struggle to make it to a meeting, even though they would greatly benefit from attending one. For these people, help can be found online. The Caregiver Assistance Network has an ECARE line with resources available on the web.

Ohio Department of Aging

More than 1 million people in Ohio provide care to a loved one. Whether the care is minimal or major, there is still a great deal of support involved. Caregivers in the area can contact the Ohio Department of Aging to discover local groups to frequent. The National Family Caregiver Support Program is the Area Agency on Aging, responsible for providing these resources. The Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is the place to call for those in Cincinnati. They can be reached at (1-800) 252-0155.

Alzheimer’s Association

Elderly family members who need extreme care typically include those with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association is an excellent resource for both those suffering from the disease, and the ones that take care of them in this time of need. The site offers a list of support groups, providing a place to discuss challenges, share tips, and receive emotional support.

The Church of the Savior on Pfeiffer Road meets in the parlor every second Monday of the month. It runs for roughly two hours, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Green Township Library is another meeting location. Every third Thursday, caregivers get together from 6:00 pm. until 7:30 pm. These groups are designed for caregivers taking care of loved ones over the age of 65.

Early onset Alzheimer’s is also possible. This refers to anyone diagnosed with the disease before the age of 65. An Early-Onset Caregiver Group is held at the Alzheimer’s Association on Linn Street in Suite 1026. It runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., on the second Thursday each month.

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