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Cincinnati Senior Realtors

Making the decision to sell your home is a difficult one, no matter your age and how long you’ve lived in the house. But for a senior that is looking to leave their family home behind, there are emotions in the sale that don’t frequently come with selling a home. Seniors may also find that they have new physical and financial restrictions that weren’t a concern before.

When selling a home as an older individual, you’ll want a senior realtor who is experienced in your needs.

What is a Cincinnati Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor in Cincinnati is a real estate agent who has taken a course in understanding the different needs of an older person selling their home. To become a senior realtor, they will need to take a course to be certified and qualified.

The National Association of Realtors offers a course that allows real estate agents to become a Senior Real Estate Specialists, or SRES. The Seniors Real Estate Institute also offers a course, providing agents to meet the credentials of a Certified Senior Housing Professional.

Who Uses a Senior Realtor?

Senior Realtors aim their service at individuals over the age of fifty, but where that person plans to move after selling their family home does not influence the senior realtor’s decision to work with them.

Should You Use a Senior Realtor?

Anyone over the age of 50 can find guidance with a senior realtor. Since they understand the various components of selling a home when a person is reaching their later years in life, a senior realtor can help ensure all the bases are covered and the process runs as smooth as possible.

Senior realtors also know the details of the senior housing areas in their cities. If you are considering a move in the future but you’re not sure which area would be the best for you, a senior realtor can help you to research and connect with individuals in various senior living centers until you find the right place.

A senior realtor will also work hand in hand with a number of other professionals who can benefit the older community, including attorneys, CPAs, and contractors. If you need to create an estate plan, review your retirement budget, or install ramps, handrails or other applications into your home to make it more accessible, a senior realtor can introduce you to other experts who provide an excellent service.

How to Find a Senior Realtor in Cincinnati

Like any realtor, you will want to do your research before selecting someone to work with. The selling experience is dependent on who you work with, so to ensure it runs smoothly, you will want to select a senior realtor with a strong connection.

To find potential senior realtors, both the SRES website and the CSHP website offers databases and directories of the individuals who have completed the courses. You can search by city, zip code or state to find the senior real estate agents that are in your area.

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