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Cincinnati Neighborhood Guide

As one of the largest cities in Ohio, Cincinnati offers a lot without leaving the Midwest. There are 52 distinct neighborhoods in the Cincinnati city limits. When you visit Cincinnati, you will see just how much this city can offer the retiree looking for a great deal on living expenses.

Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout

These typical Cincinnati neighborhoods are affordable and situated around town squares with lots of independent shops and restaurants to enjoy.

Mt. Adams

The younger crowd likes to hang out in Mt. Adams for the eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. This is the place to take in some art or see some live music. It is close to the downtown area which is becoming more upscale. Sticking to the main streets is the safest advice to take.

Glendale and West Chester

Located in western Cincinnati, these areas are growing quickly. Glendale is a small but luxurious area with a small downtown section whereas West Chester is the newest suburb of Cincinnati. If you like having a downtown area, then West Chester is not the place for you although it is close to other neighborhoods that can be accessed via public transportation.

Over The Rhine

For a dining treat, you should check out the restaurants in the Over-The-Rhine Neighborhood. The 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab is a fantastic place to enjoy a glass of wine and a charcuterie platter with a friend or simply order some nibbles for yourself and enjoy a great book. Kaze offers an amazing variety of high-quality sushi rolls.

Blue Ash

The Blue Ash neighborhood offers a lot of amenities with relatively low rent costs that average $862 for a one bedroom apartment. Convenient access to grocery stores and public transit are nice touches. Pipkin's Fruits and Vegetable market offers organic produce, bread, and more for the health conscious.

Choosing Your Neighborhood

Obviously, if you have friends and family near a particular neighborhood, this may play an important role in your decision. Having access to the amenities that you need to be happy is important as well. Some things such as public libraries may not be as important to you if you are computer savvy. However, if you want to maintain a part-time job or volunteer, you may want to be closer to a more populated neighborhood or district.

Cincinnati has many different retirement communities as well as apartments and town homes suitable for seniors that still have good mobility and just want to simplify their lives. Proximity to dining options and grocery stores are also important to make life easier.

Retirement costs are important to consider over time because as you age your needs will increase as will the cost. If you wish to retire and can still take care of a lot of our needs, then you should consider an active living community where some services are provided, but you take care of a lot of your own needs.

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