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Cincinnati Hospitals

As a healthy adult, part of your care routine probably involves getting a yearly check-up. As you age, you should keep this habit but perhaps think about going to a geriatrician, especially if you’re over the age of 65. These physicians are trained to deal with and monitor senior health concerns and you can benefit from their care.

Cincinnati is home to some of the best hospitals in the area as well as the state when it comes to geriatric care and medicine. You should be able to find a care provider and facility near you that can meet all of your health care needs and keep you healthy as you age. These are just a few of the nationally and regionally recognized facilities in Cincinnati and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Cincinnati Hospitals And Geriatric Care

You don’t have to wade through tons of data or research to find the best hospitals in Cincinnati because US News and World Report has already done that. 5,000 hospitals in major cities across the nation have been ranked and in the Cincinnati metro area, Christ Hospital comes in at number one. They have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and been nationally ranked in four adult specialties. Their geriatrics department has been ranked at number fifty for the entire nation. Their diabetes, endocrinology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and GI surgery have also been nationally ranked. They have high performance in nephrology, pulmonology, urology, COPD, heart failure, and hip replacement. The hospital has various specialty centers including a cancer center, heart center, and joint and spine center.

Good Samaritan Hospital is a teaching hospital that comes in at number two in Cincinnati and number five in the state of Ohio. They are also accredited by the CARF and have been nationally ranked in orthopedics and gynecology. Their geriatrics department along with the nephrology, pulmonology, urology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology departments has received high performance ratings.

A few of their procedures including dealing with heart failure, hip, and knee replacements are also high performing. Their geriatric services include free health resources, medicine reminders, behavioral services, and senior-friendly emergency rooms.

Bethesda North Hospital is tied with Good Samaritan for the number two spot in the Cincinnati metro area. Their geriatric department is ranked at number forty-nine in the nation and their pulmonology department is number thirty-four in the nation. Their heart, cancer, and digestive institutes are some of the top facilities in Cincinnati.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center is ranked at number four for Cincinnati and number twelve in Ohio. They are also a teaching hospital that has been nationally ranked at number twenty-six for their ear, nose, and throat unit. Their nephrology, urology, and pulmonology departments have been given high performance reviews.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood-Covington Hospitals is located nine miles out of Cincinnati in Edgewood, KY and they have been ranked at the number five spot in the Cincinnati metro area. They have been recognized for their high performing geriatric department and their diabetes, endocrinology, and pulmonology departments. They have high performance ratings for COPD, heart bypass surgery, hip, and knee replacement. They also have a skilled nursing facility on the hospital campus that provides a wide variety of long-term care.

Finding a Cincinnati Geriatrician

You can use Healthy in Aging, a website created by the American Geriatric Society, to search for a geriatric physician in your area. US News and World Report also has a similar doctor finder and talking with your current physician for a referral is also a good idea.

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