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Cincinnati Hospice Care

Taking care of our aging loved ones is a responsibility many of us are happy to take on. As our parents, grandparents, or other elderly friends age, we remember how they were there for us during our development years, and we like to return the favor by taking care of them when they need assistance.

However, there is some care that we are unable to provide for our loved ones, particularly when they are reaching the end of life. As they reach their last weeks or days, we want to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

For those situations, there are a number of hospice care providers in the Cincinnati area.

About Cincinnati Hospice Care

A hospice care provider focuses on keeping the senior comfortable and content as they approach their final days. Hospice care primarily focuses on keeping the individual in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by friends and family members.

While a hospice care team can help to reduce the amount of stress the individual is under, as well as relieve pain or uncomfortable symptoms, they are not looking to treat the individual for the conditions that they suffer from. When hospice care is considered, it is most often when the individual is no longer responding to treatments and there is little else for their medical team to do.

A Cincinnati hospice care provider can also help with the following services:

Homemaker services, including cooking and cleaning for the individual

Personal care assistance, such as bathing or feeding the senior

Counseling to the individual and their family members

Medication management

At-home nursing services

The amount of hospice attention a senior will need is usually determined by the commitment the family can give and the individual’s unique situation. If a hospice member is needed overnight, throughout the workday, or 24/7 during an emergency, it can be arranged.

Choosing a Cincinnati Hospice Care Provider

Before deciding on a hospice provider for your loved one, you’ll want to be sure to do your research. There are dozens of providers available in the Cincinnati area, each with a different focus and a different set of credentials. Here are just some of your Cincinnati hospice options:

Hospice of Cincinnati at Mercy Health Plaza: 7691 Five Mile Rd. (513)-246-9700

Heartland Hospice: 2300 Wall St. # O (513)-731-6100

VITAS Healthcare: 255 E. 5th St. #1000 (513)-394-6952

The Cost of Cincinnati Hospice Care

Thankfully, many hospice care programs are covered under Medicare. Under this coverage, the cost of the standard services of a hospice care provider should be covered. If the senior had been a veteran in the past, the VA can also provide financial assistance to those looking for hospice care.

Furthermore, hospice care is usually viewed as a short-term care providing system. While some individuals will use hospice for longer than others, hospice care is only used for around a month or less.

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