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Cincinnati Financial Advisors

When it comes to financial planning, you need to know you are in good hands. The sooner you start planning your financial future, the better. Over the years, your money can go to work for you and ensure you have the stability and enjoyable retirement that you deserve.

Your financial advisor can help you plan many different aspects of your life. This can be a relief to those that are experiencing some uncertainty about what they can do to simplify their finances and create a plan that will make sure needs are met over the years.

Insurance, your estate, starting a business, and more are all very important subjects to talk about with your advisor of choice. A financial planner can help enlist the services of lawyers and others that are necessary to put your personal and financial affairs in order so you can enjoy a safe and secure retirement. Having long-term care insurance can help ensure that you have some freedom in where your retirement takes place.

The needs of retirees can change a lot over the years. While we all hope for a healthy life, health issues, injuries, or other life events can change how much help you need. Insurance can also help cover the cost of a home health aid or similar, if you just need a small amount of assistance.

Meeting Your Retirement Goals With Annual Reviews

After a financial plan is in place, you will probably only need to meet with an advisor on an annual basis. The exceptions to this are if you are facing a major life event such as getting married, purchasing a home, or starting a business. Other examples may be helping a grandchild with their college education.

Finding The Advisor, You Need

There are many high-quality financial planners in the Cincinnati area. Here are some ways below to find the advisor that is right for your needs:

Cincinnati BBB

The Better Business Bureau lists many different financial planning agencies that have passed stringent standards checks and have received very positive feedback from their clients. Their list contains complete contact info and links to websites. Some advisors may be located outside the city but still take Cincinnati clients.


CFP stands for Certified Financial Professional. Those that make the list have received extensive training in the financial field that meets CFP Board standards. Financial Planners are held to a set of standards that goes well beyond just a college degree.

Their site is useful because it also gives specifics like the minimum size of the portfolio a particular advisor is willing to manage. Not to worry, many advisors have no minimum or if they do it is a small one.


Many people meet with several advisors before making a decision. This is important because you want to make sure you are comfortable with someone that is managing such important aspects of your life. If you don't have a current planner, then allow some time to find the right one to help you plan your long-term future.

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