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Cincinnati Family Caregiver Benefits

Many children and grandchildren enjoy taking care of their aging parents and grandparents. In a sense, caring for an elderly loved one is a way to return the care they had given over the years. But though it can be very rewarding work, it can be stressful and overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have caregiving experience.

For Cincinnati family caregivers looking for help and support, there are a number of agencies, organizations, and communities that want to help train, educate, and encourage those who want to care for their elderly friends or family.

Caregiver Support from the Cincinnati VA

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of support to both aging veterans and to caregivers of aging veterans. They help by giving the caregiver a much-needed break as well as provide the senior veteran with care that a family caregiver may have been unable to give. Some of those support programs include:

Peer Support Group for Caregivers: The Peer Support Group for Caregivers allows caregivers to connect. This program provides them with an avenue to share stories, get advice, and gain support.

Adult Day Health Care Centers: At a VA Adult Day Health Care Center, veterans can participate in activities and socialize while getting the medical attention that they need.

Home-Based Primary Care & Skilled Home Care: With these programs, veteran caregivers can receive assistance providing care they otherwise would have been unable to give, including feeding, bathing, nurse treatments, and medicine management.

Respite Care: Respite Care is offered by the VA to provide family caregivers with an opportunity to take a break from their caregiving duties. They can also be used if the main caregiver is temporarily unavailable, including if they are out of town, on vacation, or hospitalized.

Ohio Department of Aging Caregiving Support

The Ohio Department of Aging provides a number of supportive services for family caregivers. The support that they give comes in the form of training to provide better care, resources and information about the kind of care various conditions may require, and caregiver support groups.

Care from the Ohio Department of Aging may also be designed to give the caregiver a break from their duties. These programs include respite care, adult day care services, and more.

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association

For caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients in the Cincinnati area, the Alzheimer’s Association provides many different resources to help educate and give the best care possible to their loved ones. That care is offered in the form of support groups, education programs, professional training, and events.

Some of the courses offered by the Alzheimer’s Association for family caregivers includes What Families Need to Know, Understanding Wandering, Living with Alzheimer’s for Caregivers: Late Stage, and Living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Early Stage. The Alzheimer’s Association also provides assistance in identifying the early signs of the condition and understanding what the various signs and symptoms mean.

The Alzheimer’s Association has also created an online community for family caregivers to connect and engage with other caregivers.

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