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Cincinnati End-of-Life Care

Hospice providers specialize in various serious illnesses and diseases, such as congestive heart failure, heart disease, lung disease, COPD, stroke, advanced liver disease, cirrhosis, end-stage kidney disease, dementia and most commonly cancer. Physicians usually have a discussion with patients and their families about hospice care when life expectancy is less than six months. Other situations that may call for hospice care include patients who have difficulty managing activities of daily living, patients who have a terminal illness, and patients who want to forgo life-saving measures in favor of symptom management.

Hospice and Preparing for End-of-Life

For many people, preparing for the end of someone’s life is frightening and sad. While those feelings are quite natural, this stage can draw people closer and strengthen them as individuals. While navigating this stage of life, Cincinnati hospice providers can make the journey easier, whether the time is short or long. Here are a few of them:

Pay attention to emotional and spiritual concerns

Talk about strong feelings with a trusted friend or professional

Ask the doctor about any questions on your mind including fears and timelines

Figure out your own priorities

Share your burden with other caring family members

Take care of essential business like final expense and burial planning

Enjoy moments together

Ohio Council for Homecare and Hospice

The Ohio Council for Homecare and Hospice is a comprehensive resource for individuals with serious illnesses, their families, and hospice and palliative care providers. The website offers its members access to information on Medicaid and Medicare laws and other educational programs at a discounted rate. The Council is the premier resource for hospice care in Ohio and is highly respected by all sects of the hospice care field and government entities. Members advocate legislatively for rules and regulations that support quality hospice care statewide. The Council keeps members up to date with informative bulletins and announcements.

The database has listings for five hospice and palliative care providers in Cincinnati including:

AmeriBest Home Health, Inc.

Hospice of Southwest Ohio

Quality Life Services, LLC

Queen City Hospice, LLC

Stay Well Home Health

Here’s a little more information on a well-known provider:

Hospice of Cincinnati

Hospice of Cincinnati is a not-for-profit agency that is sponsored by Bethesda, Inc., and is in a collaborative partnership with TriHealth and Mercy Health. Something that sets Hospice of Cincinnati apart from other hospice providers is their openness to serving patients in a culturally-sensitive manner. Hospice of Cincinnati provides a comprehensive, personalized care plan regardless of age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, race, or physical abilities, because they understand the importance of the connection between culture and nurturing.

Hospice of Cincinnati notes that a great majority of people won’t have to pay anything for medical equipment, supplies, and services that are related to terminal illness. Medicare Hospice Benefits and private insurance will cover the greatest part of costs. Billing specialists are available to help individuals and their families understand the services and fees that their insurance company will pay towards hospice care.

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