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Caregiving in Cincinnati, OH

When a family member or a loved one starts to age or has a disease that requires constant care, it’s typical for close family to become the primary caregivers. That can be a big and stressful job that takes up most of your day and no matter how dedicated you are to your loved one, you can face burnout if you don’t use the resources available. If you’re in Cincinnati, there are plenty of support groups, care options, and help to make your job easier as well as make sure your family gets the care they need.

Time for a break

Even if you don’t have another job on top of your caregiving duties, there are going to be times when you need to be away from your loved one. There are also times when you will need just a short break to restore your energy and give the best care. When that happens there are a few options you have.

Adult Day Care: This is a great option when you need to be away for the day or need to take a break for a few hours. These programs can include things like exercise, art, music, pet therapy, gardening classes, cooking classes, and much more. Seniors can also get a hot meal as well as any medical care they might need.

Places like Active Day of Cincinnati offer services most days of the week and you don’t have to be on a regular schedule. So, if you just need care one day a month, that works just fine. Check to see if the program you choose accepts VA benefits or Medicaid to help make the cost more affordable because it can cost around $62 per day.

Concierge Services: Maybe you don’t need someone to watch over your loved one but you forgot to get the groceries or have run out of toilet paper and can’t leave your family member to get these things. Concierge services come in handy at times like this because they can do the things you don’t have time for.

Companies like Best Friend Errand Services can help you with your groceries, minor emergency deliveries such as a forgotten lunch bag, and they even have specific services aimed just for seniors. They can accompany you to medical appointments, pick up your prescription, teach you how to use your computer, or just provide companionship. Rates are charged hourly at $35/hr and then additional 15-minute increments after that.

In-Home Respite: You also have the option of in-home care if you’re family member can’t leave the house but still need care while you’re away. An in-home health aide will come to your house to perform caregiving duties so that you don’t have to worry about your loved one. This can be a little more expensive and can cost around $20 per hour.

You also have the option of residential respite care if you have to be gone longer than a day at a time. There are dozens of facilities in the Cincinnati area that can provide temporary care for your loved one. Daily rates can run anywhere from $230 to $267, but you can talk with each facility and see what the cost would be for your situation.

Make sure you do your research and choose the right place for everyone’s needs. You can look to the Ohio Department of Human Services for trusted facilities or search to see places with the best reviews.

Support for you

Just because you aren’t the one receiving the care doesn’t mean you should neglect your needs. Caregiving is a big job, and if you don’t have any support or help you can easily burn out.

The Jewish Family Services has plenty of aging and caregiver support resources including assistance for seniors, checklists for caregivers, access to support groups and other programs that can help everyone involved.

The Caregiver Network of Southwestern Ohio connects all caregivers in the area with local support groups, workshops, and education opportunities. You can also listen to their online podcast as well as call their toll-free helpline to get more information on resources and support.

The Cincinnati chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has online groups and a list of support groups for each county in Ohio. These groups are for those who have the disease as well as the ones who take care of them.

Other Care Options

There may come a time when you can no longer provide the care that your loved one needs. While this can be a difficult transition, there is no need to feel guilty about asking for help or moving your family member to a facility that can fully address their needs. Talk with doctors and trusted friends who may have gone through this before to find a place that will meet everyone’s needs.

There are many different things that can happen during this time and a geriatric care manager can help handle all of the situations and problems that can occur. They will make sure that both you and your family are taken care of so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The Council on Aging has a list of available managers in the area that can help you through this time.

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