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Things to Do in Chula Vista

Art, history, outdoor scenery, and more make up the town of Chula Vista. When you want to explore the city, you can rest assured there are plenty of places to visit that will set your imagination wild. Whether you need to get out for a day by yourself, head out with friends and family, or seek some adventures with friends, Chula Vista offers you plenty to keep busy in any situation.

Examine the Arts in Chula Vista

While there are some art scenes available in Chula Vista itself, the right museums to explore reside in San Diego. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get to many of them from the city. The San Diego Museum of Art houses several collections, with a particular focus on Spanish works. The building sits in Balboa Park.

Visit Chula Vista’s Past With Historical Sites and Exhibits

Take a look at the Historic Homes list, and you will see a plethora of historical places to visit in Chula Vista. Exploring these areas takes you back to many years ago when the town began. Whether you want to see Orchard Houses, Craftsman Style, Colonial Revival, or the Spanish Revival, there are options available.

Appreciate the Outdoors

The Living Coast Discovery Center works in conjecture with the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge. Marine animals and bird exhibits make up a significant portion of the center. You can pay just $16 on any day the place is open and have up-close experiences with many of the animals. Become a member and admission will remain free as long as you keep up your membership.

Attend a Chula Vista Sporting Event

You can either attend a sporting event in Chula Vista or participate yourself. There are both youth and adult leagues for various sports. Play or watch at one of the many fields in the area or the arena. Softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and golf are the available options.

Fairground Fun for the Family

Chula Vista is part of San Diego County. When the San Diego County Fair gets held, it usually takes place in Del Mar at the large fairground site. Events occur throughout the month of June and typically continue until the 4th of July. You can eat some fair food or stay entertained by going on rides, seeing a concert, or visiting one of the many exhibits and competitions.

De-Stress After a Hard Day

After a day out on the town, you may want to find time to de-stress. There are several spa options in Chula Vista that allow you to do just that. Rest A Tranquility Spa is one popular option. Get a massage or facial and enjoy some alone time.

The Balensi Spa is another solid choice. Various massage techniques get offered there, including Swedish, hand and foot reflexology, hot stone, prenatal, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and sports. You can also choose to get a facial, body scrub, cellulite treatment, wax, or tan. It is best to book an appointment, so you know services are available rather than just showing up.

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