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Medicare in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is home to many seniors in retirement, and many of them rely on Medicare for their health care needs. San Diego County has over 3 million residents, and 422,056 of them use Medicare. If you are looking for information about Medicare or need help applying for benefits, locating providers, and finding services, there are plenty of resources at your disposal.

How Does Medicare Work?

Seniors that are 65 and older and younger people with certain disabilities are eligible to receive Medicare. Medicare is federally funded and comes with four parts that cover different health needs.

Part A covers services like hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, and some hospice and home care needs.

Part B covers medical services including doctor’s appointments, preventative services, outpatient care, and medical supplies.

Part C is the Medicare Advantage plan. This plan lets private insurance companies cover the Part A and B services while offering a prescription plan through their company.

Part D is an add-on prescription plan. Use this if you don’t have Part C.

Quick Facts on Medicare In San Diego County

In 2014, San Diego County had a total Medicare cost of $1.92 billion which was a decrease from the 2013 cost of $2.16 billion.

Per capita costs are $9,720 which is close to the national per capita cost of $9,501.

The average age of beneficiaries of San Diego County is 72.

San Diego County Medicare pays most of their money on inpatient care with outpatient care coming in second.

43.6% of beneficiaries have high blood pressure. 36.3% have high cholesterol.

Medicare Offices in Chula Vista

California is part of Region 9 when it comes to Medicare, and the regional office is in San Francisco. Chula Vista seniors can visit the local Social Security Office, though, for help with their Medicare needs. This office can help you apply for benefits and answer any questions you may have as well as help with getting a new Medicare card.

Chula Vista Social Security Office

626 L Street

Chula Vista, CA 91911

(800) 772-1213

The Social Security Office moved recently, and if you haven’t been to the new building yet, you can get there via Interstate 5 and get off at the L exit. The office is open from 9 to 4 pm Monday through Friday except on Wednesdays when they close at noon. If you can, call ahead and make an appointment, so you don’t have to wait for assistance once you arrive.

Medicare Providers and Services in Chula Vista

With a few online tools, you can quickly locate doctors and services in your area that are Medicare-approved. The Physician Compare tool allows you to search for specific types of doctors in Chula Vista. For example, if you enter geriatric medicine into the search toolbar, the results show there are over 60 results within 15 miles of Chula Vista. You can narrow your search even more by only looking at physicians that charge fee-for-service rates.

Physician Compare also allows you to learn more about each doctor on the list. If you click the name, you can find their office, see their board certifications, see where they have hospital privileges, and see what type of Medicare they accept. This search tool only shows group practices for now, but soon you should be able to search only doctors.

Nursing Home Compare is a similar tool but helps you compare up to three nursing homes at once. You can see their overall rating and look at things like health inspections and quality standards. Right now, there are at least 52 nursing homes within 25 miles of Chula Vista. also provides search tools for other services like rehabilitation, home care, and dialysis.  

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