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Medicaid in Chula Vista

There is no reason why anyone in our society should be excluded from the medical care that they need because they lack the money to pay for it. Fortunately, in the United States seniors and members of other vulnerable groups can take advantage of the Medicaid program to get the help they need.

Medicaid is a government-mandated program that is managed by each state and is known as MediCal in California. California Medicaid provides benefits in varying degrees to the majority of California seniors residing in nursing homes.

There are many vulnerable groups that can take advantage of this life-saving program; continue reading to learn about MediCal benefits and services that you may be eligible for, how to start the application process, where you can get help filling out the application and get answers to important questions.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Chula Vista

There are many different circumstances and conditions that can make you eligible for Medicaid in California.

Any illegal immigrants who need emergency medical care are eligible for Medicaid. Pregnant women are also eligible for Medicaid benefits.

Besides these two large groups of California Medicaid beneficiaries, you also may be eligible for help if:

You are aged 65 years or older

You are classified as low-income

You are a child under 18 years of age

Your family has minor children up to the age of 18 years

Additionally, people who will be disabled for at least a year, or who will need continuous medical care for at least 30 days can be eligible for Medicaid benefits in California.

Assistance with Your Chula Vista Medicaid Application

The Medicaid application process will, ideally, start with applicants visiting the Medicaid application website and filling in their information. It’s a good idea to visit the prescreening website and get a good idea of where you stand.

If you have any difficulties filling out the online application, you can check out the California Health and Human Services website to find the office nearest you where you can visit and get help directly from an HHSC representative. You may also call (916) 654-3454 and ask for help by phone.

What Does Chula Vista Medicaid Cover?

MediCal will, of course, provide coverage for long-term care in a California nursing home, but MediCal will also provide a plethora of comprehensive medical care services for beneficiaries.

Medicaid will pay for all the pre and post-natal care that eligible pregnant women will require. Your MediCal benefits can get you the in-home care that you may need as a California senior.

Vulnerable, illegal immigrants will have access to every single possible medical need they could have, including organ transplants, AIDS treatment, and dialysis for kidney patients.

Transportation to Chula Vista Medical Appointments

According to federal regulation, MediCal must make provisions so that Medicaid recipients have access to free round-trip transportation to scheduled medical appointments.

You can visit the NPI Lookup Non-emergency Medical Transport website to find transportation companies in Chula Vista that will provide service to Medicaid recipients.

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