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Chula Vista Veterans Support Groups

Thousands of veterans live in Chula Vista, although some may never know it. Many show up to work every day and do their part in society just like everyone else. The difference is, they have fought battles that many could not even imagine. Veterans are in dire need of support and assistance to not only deal with the things they have seen but also the things out of their control in today’s ever-changing world. Chula Vista offers various support groups and organizations that can help.

Local Support

The V.A. Chula Vista Clinic offers local support in your city. It is not an emergency option but does have health care available when you schedule an appointment with an on-site doctor. Audiology services, mental health, lab work, optometry, podiatry, nutrition services, and more get offered at this location. You can call (619) 409-1600 to make an appointment and get seen.

The Chula Vista Veterans Center, located at 180 Otay Lakes Rd. #108, focuses on providing counseling, outreach, and referral services to veterans in the area. A counselor can guide you through a transition time or help you apply for benefits.

State Support

The California Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as CalVet, offers a website where veterans can customize a profile and tailor the information to their needs. The site also provides helpful resources and information. Take a look around and see what beneficial details you can find. If you prefer to speak to someone, you can use the “Find a Service Provider” tool. Search by zip code and choose the particular service you need in your area such as advocacy, education, health care, or housing. You can also stick to all results to look up all options nearby.

National Support

Use the Veterans of Foreign Wars website to search for a local chapter in your area. Post 4851 Asian Pacific and 2111 CDR Jack E. Carleton hold down the fort in Chula Vista, giving veterans in the city a place to go on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Meetings last for an hour to an hour and a half on average. Show up at 7 pm on the second Wednesday each month and interact with other veterans in Chula Vista. Eugene Davies is the quartermaster, and Gary Himaka acts as the commander of the Asian Pacific Post. The other post holds a meeting on the third Thursday of each month by the quartermaster, Russell Eseltine, and commander, David Taylor.

Celebrating Veterans Everywhere

Veterans Day is marked on the calendar as a day to celebrate the veterans who fought for our country. Many places take a moment of silence to recognize those we lost, while others hold an all-out celebration to commemorate the sacrifices many have made. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2111 holds an annual fun walk. The goal is to raise money for the Veterans Home of California in Chula Vista. Between 8:30 am and noon on Veteran’s Day, the event takes place. It runs between the post, home, and East Naples Court.

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