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Chula Vista Support Groups for Caregivers

Everyone needs a break from work or school.  You work hard to take care of your loved one, and you can drain yourself physically and emotionally, so taking breaks and getting help are imperative for your well-being. You can find various programs from medical systems, local governments, and nonprofits for education, respite care, support groups, and more. Below are some groups in the Chula Vista area to give you assistance to do the best job you can do.

The Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego

The Alzheimer’s Association supports caregivers and patients by offering programs to educate, support, and find local resources for respite care, health care, and in-home services.

Local support groups meet regularly to discuss frustrations and learn from one another. These meetings are also educational about the illness.  If you are unable to attend meetings, there is an extensive online library with information on the disease and a virtual community with fellow caregivers to share ideas and experiences. There is also a monthly telephone conference for caregivers.

Educating yourself on the disease may help you be a better caregiver.  The Association has an impressive online library of resources and also offers educational events.

Caregiving questions can keep you awake at night.  The Association provides a Helpline available 24/7 to speak with a trained professional about advice, local resources, or any other questions.  The Helpline number is 1.800.272.3900.

If you need assistance finding programs and area resources, the Community Resource Finder can help you find services quickly.

To learn more about local resources, call the local phone number at 619.678.8322 or call the Helpline.

Sharp Cancer Caregiver and Family Support Group

Meet with other caregivers to share tips, give advice, and get emotional support.  These small groups are available in both English and Spanish and are open to caregivers of patients in all stages of cancer.  You do not need to register ahead of time to attend.

Meetings are the fourth Tuesdays of the month at 11 a.m. at the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Douglas & Nancy Barnhart Cancer Center.

Programs for Veteran Caregivers

If your loved one is a veteran, then you can find support and numerous programs through the VA San Diego Healthcare System. There are various programs including:

Caregiver support groups

Caregiver support line at 855.260.3274 to find services and answer questions

Adult day centers for respite care

Homemaker help

Home health aides

Skilled nursing care in the home

Hospice home care

In-home respite care for temporary relief

There are additional services for veterans injured post-9/11 including a stipend, training, and medical coverage for those who do not have insurance.

Contact your local caregiver support coordinator at 619.497.8424.

Family Caregiver Support Program

The California Department of Health and Human Services supports caregivers along with sick seniors. If you care for an adult over the age of 60 in San Diego County, you may be eligible for the following services:

Care management

Respite care

Legal services

Education and training

Support groups


There is no charge for the majority of services. You can contact the Resource Center at 1.800.827.1008.

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