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Chula Vista Senior Living

Does the thought of retirement leave you worried about your future living arrangements? You don’t have to worry because senior care is as versatile as you. Whether you want to stay at home as long as possible or move to a new community, Chula Vista has plenty of options. From homemakers and home health aides that will come to your house or upscale living amenities in a 55+ community, you can not only meet your needs and budget, but your lifestyle wishes as well.

Chula Vista Senior Living Costs

California is known for having a higher than average cost of living, and that applies to senior living too. The national average for a private room in a nursing home is $92,378, and in the Chula Vista area, it’s $119,355. Semi-private rooms drop to about $82,125 nationally and $87,600 in Chula Vista.

In-home care, such as home health aides and homemakers, cost between $53,760 and $54,912 while national averages sit between $45,760 and $46,332 per year. Assisted living costs around $48,000 annually in Chula Vista and the national median price is around $43,539. Adult day care is also more expensive in Chula Vista with an annual average of $20,800 than the national average of $17,680.

Since costs are higher in Chula Vista, you want to consider cost increases as you plan for your living arrangements. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey estimates that nursing home costs could rise between 1 and 4% over the next five years while in-home costs could go up by 4% and assisted living could increase by about 3%.

Options for Senior Living in Chula Vista

There are a lot more adults reaching retirement age, and many of them want to come to places like Chula Vista. Fortunately, there are also plenty of services and living arrangements that make it easy to find what you need. You could opt for someone to come to you and take care of your house, or your health or you could move into a community that will take care of everything for you and offer resort-like amenities.

In-Home and Community Services

Rather not leave your house? Here are some community and private services that could help.

Homemakers can take care of a lot of things, so you don’t have to worry about it. Providers like Absolute Senior Home Care and Dependable Caregivers can clean your house, do your laundry, take care of any errands, remind you to take your medicine and help you move around the house. Before you choose a provider, make sure they service your area. It’s always good to have your caregiver nearby in case of an emergency.

Home health aides focus on the medical side of in-home care. You can have a certified nurse or skilled attendant from places like A Better Solution In Home Service take care of things like diabetes care, bandage changes, IV therapy, vital signs, and overall care of chronic conditions.

Adult day care helps seniors that can get out of the house but might need some extra supervision. These programs are also helpful for caregivers that need a break or will be away for the day. Seniors can meet with other seniors, participate in appropriate activities, have a meal, all while under the attendance of a professional. Open Arms employs nurses and therapists to help with care and activities.

Independent concierge services are for seniors that need a little extra help but aren’t quite ready for full-time care. Whether you need help walking the dog or assembling furniture, you can visit sites like Rover, Favor, Porch, Amazon Home Services, Handy, or TaskRabbit to find what you need.

Things to Ask Providers

You need the best from your providers, so it’s wise to do a little research first. Gather suggestions from friends, neighbors, and family, then cross check those providers on the Better Business Bureau. Ask plenty of questions as well. Here are some to get you started:

What does the State require to operate as a provider? Do they have the proper licensing?

Are they insured and bonded?

Do they do regular screenings of their employees? Is there a background check?

Is there transportation for adult day care?

If there is an emergency or something comes up, what is the backup plan?

Chula Vista Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Of course, you don’t have to stay in your home, and for some seniors, it’s not feasible. There are various levels of assisted living and nursing homes that can help make senior life easier and safer. Whether you want total autonomy or care around the clock, there are options. You can even find places with a continuum of care, so no matter what happens to your health they will provide services that suit your needs.

Independent living is like living in a senior resort. You get your own house or apartment as well as amenities like a swimming pool or golf course right in your backyard.

Assisted living can offer some of the same amenities and services as independent living, but you will get more help and assistance. Housekeeping, laundry services, and assistants are on hand to help you get out of bed and dressed each morning.

Nursing homes provide an elevated level of care both medical and personal to help seniors with debilitating illnesses or recuperate from surgery or injuries. The medical staff includes doctors, nurses, and therapists who will help with anything you need.

Dementia care is a form of nursing home that is for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The staff trains to create a safe, calm, and engaging environment with stimulating activities and added security to minimize wandering.

Things to Ask at All Facilities

What services are part of the total cost and what are extra? What do the additional services cost?

Can I use an independent service provider for non-health related things like groceries and dog walking?

Is there a continuum of care? What does it include?

Paying for Your Care

Don’t start fretting about the high cost of senior living until you learn about all the financial assistance that might be available. Seniors with little assets and low-income can use Medicaid to pay for their care while veterans might be able to use VA benefits. Seniors with long-term care insurance should check the policy, so they know what it covers and what it doesn’t. No program covers independent living, but you can use Social Security, retirement savings, or things like a reverse mortgage to cover care. Talk with a financial advisor before you use that option though because there could be financial consequences.

Things to Do and Volunteering

Retirement means free time, and if you need things to do, you can check with Norman Park Senior Center. Not only do they offer typical things like fitness classes, game groups, and educational opportunities, but they have social outings and unique events for seniors planned throughout the year. Some seniors want to give back once they hit retirement age and VolunteerMatch can help you find opportunities in your area.

Want to learn more about senior living topics like respite care, veteran support or assisted living? We have more guides on our site with even more information.

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