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Chula Vista Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Many families turn to nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide a safe haven for their elderly loved ones. While these are valid options, some seniors would rather stay in their own homes if possible before considering making a major move of this magnitude. Those that can offer caregiver services to their family can do so without fear of having to handle everything alone. There are respite care programs and adult day care services that provide care for seniors when necessary all around the Chula Vista area.

What to Expect From Adult Day Care

Adult day care simply allows seniors to have a safe place to go when their caregiver is unable to handle all of their needs for the day. They can be dropped off in the morning, and picked up in the afternoon. It works much like a typical daycare system. Adult day care is often only available on weekdays, between Monday and Friday.

Due to the times, the daycare center is open, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are typically offered. Providing nourishment ensures all seniors at the facility for the day receive proper meals and get the adequate nutrition they need. There are usually nurses on hand as well that can help to monitor dietary needs and medication management.

Social activities are also part of the experience. There may be board games to play, exercise programs to participate in, and even music therapy. Some locations offer outdoor activities, such as gardening and even field trips. The variety keeps seniors active and engaged.

Finding Adult Day Care Providers in the Chula Vista Area

Adult day care providers are not hard to come by in the Chula Vista area. Open Arms Adult Day Health Care is one option. It resides at 301 E J St. This facility offers social services, meals, transportation, therapeutic activities, and physical therapy.

St. Paul’s PACE in Chula Vista is another option. This senior center offers a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. It is free thanks to Medi-Cal. Dietary counseling and meals are provided, as well as day care services, home care services, and transportation to and from appointments.

Paying for Respite Care

Paying for respite care can seem like a difficult task, as prices can run around $77 per day in Arizona. This daily price could rack up to more than $20,000 in expenses by the end of each year if a person is using these services regularly. It is best if caregivers only put their loved ones in respite care when it is truly needed to save on costs. Going just a day or two less per week could save a considerable amount.

While caregivers are the primary party responsible for paying for these services, there are other options available that may help make the costs more affordable. Medicare may be able to help pay for a portion of the expenses, so it is not entirely left up to the caregiver. It is also possible to look into locations in the Chula Vista area that help people who need assistance paying.

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