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Chula Vista Family Caregiver Benefits

The baby boomer generation is beginning to retire, and as they age, they are turning to their family members for care. Family caregivers do meaningful and rewarding work, but it can also be an exhausting job. Don’t feel bad if you need to ask for help or use assistance because it’s important to care for your needs as well as your loved ones. Chula Vista has plenty of caregiver support resources, and you can start with these groups.

San Diego Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association

Many family caregivers look after a relative that has Alzheimer’s or dementia. This disease is difficult for everyone involved and it’s important to get as much support as possible. The San Diego Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has plenty of resources for Chula Vista caregivers.

The San Diego Chapter has an extensive list of educational courses for both professional and family caregivers. You can learn more about your job with courses on effective communication, the basics of Alzheimer’s and more. There are also health fairs and community events throughout the year that can be useful to caregivers. Just check the calendar for dates, locations, and times.

A support group is a highly useful tool for a caregiver because it is a way to connect with others experiencing similar things each day. These meetings not only give you a chance to share your knowledge and support with one another, but they can also act like a little break from your caregiving duties. There are meetings in various locations each week, but there is also a monthly telephone support group if you can’t make it to any of the physical meetings.

Another resource for caregivers is the online caregiver resource center. This website provides online support groups, message boards, and chat rooms so you can find support no matter where you are. They also have information on local resources. The Alzheimer’s Association also has a 24-hour helpline at (800) 272-3900.

San Diego County Aging & Independence Services

The Aging & Independence Services of San Diego County run the Family Caregiver Support Program. Through this program, family caregivers can gain access to services like care management, respite care, legal services, and caregiver skills training. You do have to apply and qualify for this program, but most services are free of charge. You can call (800) 510-2020 to start your application and learn more information.

VA San Diego Healthcare System

Caregivers for veterans can find supportive services through the San Diego VA Healthcare system. Services can include:

Access to a trained professional who will match your needs to services

24/7 helpline for assistance or support

Peer support groups to connect with other local caregivers

Respite care such as adult day care centers

In-home care services

Home health care service for seniors that can’t leave their house

Hospice care

If you’re interested in these services or want to see what’s available in your area, contact the Caregiver Support Coordinator at (619) 497-8424.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center

This resource center is based in San Diego and offers plenty of supportive services for caregivers. They have programs to help with respite care or legal problems, counseling services, and education and training opportunities. They also have informational articles and support groups that meet around the area. Call (858) 268-4432 to learn more.

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