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Chula Vista Estate Sales

You might not think of it right away, but if your elderly loved one has moved to a nursing home or passed away, you might be the one to figure out what happens to their things. Possessions often have sentimental value and sorting through memories can be an emotional task. Plus, if more than one person is assisting with the process, arguments can occur as to what to do with everything.

Not to mention, there are probably a respectable number of things to go through. The LA Times wrote a piece in 2014 and reported that the average US house had around 300,000 items. That is already a lot, and if your relative liked to collect things, there could be even more to sort through. If this is the situation you face, consider using an estate sale company. These professionals can make the process easier and faster.

The Steps of an Estate Sale

The primary goal of an estate sale company is to sell as many of your possessions as possible for as much money as possible. You can visit San Diego Estate Sales to get a look at the sale procedures, but generally, all estate sales begin with a consultation. A qualified appraiser will walk through the house and assess all items you want to sell. Most professionals know the area and will price things to sell.

Next, the company will take care of setting everything up and cleaning the house. Once you’ve removed the items you intend to keep, they will stage the area for the sale. You can see before and after pictures of this step at The Estate Sale by Cordelia. The company will also handle the advertising of the sale.

During the sale period, employees of the company will be around to take money for sales, answer shopper questions, and maintain the security of the house. If there is to be an auction, they will run this event. It is your decision whether you want to stick around during the sale or not.

After the sale is complete, the company will help you decide what to do with the items that didn’t sell. You can keep or donate them, and the company might have references for charities in the area. They will also talk with the executor of the will about all sales and make sure you get a check for your portion of the sales. You can expect this last step to take a few days.

The Cost of An Estate Sale

A few things can influence the cost of your estate sale. The consultation might be charged per hour although some companies do this for free. You will also pay a portion of sales to the company, generally 35%. If the house is messy or big or there are a lot of items to sell, their percentage of sales could go up. They might also add a charge for cleaning.

How to Find Estate Sale Companies in Chula Vista

You can get recommendations from your attorney or friends and neighbors who have had an estate sale. Online reviews can be helpful if you read those written from clients and not estate sale shoppers. The Better Business Bureau has several listings for the San Diego Area, and many serve Chula Vista. Choose a company that has a certification through the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Finally, sign a contract before any work begins and make sure it details all services and charges.

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