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Chula Vista 55+ Communities

It’s no wonder many seniors retire to Chula Vista with its beautiful views and coastlines. Most of those seniors don’t want to spend their precious free time cleaning their house, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, or fixing any repairs on their home. That’s why it might be an excellent idea to consider an independent living community. These places are sometimes called retirement villages, 55+ communities, or senior living centers, but they all offer services like meals prepared by a chef, onsite fitness classes, and someone to take care of housekeeping, laundry, and yard work.

Chula Vista has a few choices when it comes to these communities including Pacific Pointe as well as St. Paul’s Plaza which won 2017 Best of Senior Living Award from You can learn more about independent community living here, including cost, payment options, and how to find the best place for you.

55+ Community Costs

Compared to a typical apartment in Chula Vista, a 55+ community is going to cost more money. One-bedrooms in the area are around $1,457 while two-bedroom apartments are $1,773. 55+ community one-bedroom apartments can be anywhere from $1,575 to upwards of $2,995. The reason these communities cost more is that seniors get more services than they would in a regular apartment building. But the price of your home could vary based on the location, its size, and the services you decide to use.

How to Pay for Community Living

Many seniors worry about the cost of retirement and housing is one of the biggest costs. You won’t be able to turn to programs like Medicaid or VA benefits, and long-term insurance won’t cover the cost either. These programs are made to help seniors cover the cost of personal or home health care and the living expenses of a retirement community don’t fall into that category.

Your Social Security, on the other hand, could help you cover the cost of community living. If you have a large retirement savings fund, that could help too. Selling your house and using the funds for your new home is another option as well as renting out your house.

You could also consider a roommate. Living with someone else in a two-bedroom apartment is a clever way to cut your total costs in half. Before you go ahead with this option, though, make sure it’s allowed in your community, and you can give the whole thing a test run. If both you and your roommate can agree to the rental rules, then both should sign the lease.

How to Find Your New Community

If you’re just starting your search, it is wise to sit down and think about what you want from your retirement and your lifestyle. Doing this can help you figure out what you want from a community. Do you want a house that is easy to maintain so you can travel? Do you want a community that offers everything in one spot, so you don’t have to leave? Do you need transportation around town? Do you have pets, family, or grandkids that are a big part of your life? These are important questions to ask yourself.

After you make a list, start looking around Chula Vista. You can talk to family, friends, or coworkers and see if they have suggestions or read the local paper and newspapers to see what they have. Going online gives you the opportunity to learn about each community as well as read reviews. Visit each place you like and ask plenty of questions and see what services they have that meet your needs.

Basic 55+ Community Services

Each community you visit will have services often included in their rent. Those services are usually housekeeping and laundry services along with utilities and possibly cable. Transportation is another service most offer and if you plan on using it, look at a map and make sure the stops are near places you need to go.

Your meals are another included service, and you should ask how many they provide and if there are snacks in between. You might be able to supplement meals or opt out of the plan to cook. You should be aware of all security protocols and ask what staff is onsite and when. If you have a pet, be sure you know if there are breed or size limits and if they require a deposit.

Extra 55+ Community Services

Each community also has extra services or amenities that make it a special place to live. You should choose extra amenities carefully because they might cost extra and you want them to meet your needs. Some facilities could offer indoor swimming pools, onsite classes, or even live entertainment. Other services could include:

Garden plots

Outdoor grilling areas

Hiking and dog parks

Fitness centers

Salon services


Onsite podiatrist or massage therapist

Free Wi-fi

Game rooms

Your Neighborhood

Chula Vista is known for its gorgeous golf courses and fantastic views, but if your community is in a bad neighborhood or far away from the action, that won’t matter. When you visit each community, make sure you also check out the surrounding area. Is it easily walkable or close to transportation? Is it busy and noisy or quiet and calm? Are there a lot of businesses or schools in the vicinity? All good things to know before you move in.

Thinking About Your Future

You might have planned where you want to travel or to do during retirement but have you planned for your future and your health? This should come into play when you consider where to live during retirement. One big question to ask is whether you like to move or not and another is how would you like to age?

If you don’t mind moving and you like privacy, a home like Pacific Pointe might be ideal. You can live on your own while still enjoying the amenities of retirement communities. If your health needs change, though, you might have to move to a new facility. Places like St. Paul’s Plaza offer a continuum of care, and along with independent living, they have assisted living. This type of assistance allows you to age in place and participate in continuum care.

Find assisted living in Chula Vista near you.