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Caregiving in Chula Vista, CA

Providing full-time care for a loved one is an incredible responsibility and an experience that will affect every aspect of your life from then on. Unfortunately, most Chula Vista caregivers who provide full-time care must do so with minimal help from anyone else.

Being the person solely responsible for someone else’s well-being is an overwhelming job, and will cause great physical and emotional strain as you try to do the best for your loved one.

Chula Vista caregivers need a way to make time to take care of their personal needs and to sometimes lay aside their responsibilities to others in order to refresh their energy and restore their outlook. Keep reading to learn about services and organizations that are dedicated to helping selfless people like you to shoulder the strain more easily.

You Need a Break in Chula Vista

There are services offered in Chula Vista that will make it easier to go through your day and make the most of the time that you have.

Let’s take a look at concierge services, adult day programs, and respite care as solutions to the issues that confront you as a full-time carer. You’ll be surprised at how helpful these services can be in making your daily efforts much easier.

Concierge Services in Chula Vista provides full-time carers with doorstep service provided by an army of runners who will bring you things like:

Restaurant meals will be brought straight to you, hot and ready to be enjoyed.

Dry goods and household supplies can be carried to you in less than an hour.

Did you run out of cooking oil, milk, or sugar? Your Favor Delivery Runner will bring it to you.

If you find yourself short on aspirin, needed prescription medicines, or even a bottle of multivitamins, you’ll have it brought to you in short order.

Amazon Prime Now is a bargain at $8 per hour. You can have many Amazon provided products brought to your doorstep within the hour. Enjoy access to important items as you need them. Did your TV suddenly go on the blink? Amazon Prime Now will get a new one to your door before you miss an episode of your favorite show. Did your dog run out of dry food? Get in touch with Amazon Prime Now to ensure that your dog has what he needs.

One Concierge in Chula Vista offers a wide range of essential service and delivery of necessities to your home. Do you need a quick plumbing repair? Has your door come off a hinge? One Concierge will send someone to do the repair work that you need.

One Concierge will even arrange transportation to your door and bring much-needed prescription drugs from your local druggist so you and your loved one can be kept in good shape even though you’re housebound.

Adult Day Programs in Chula Vista

There are times when it’s impossible to provide care due to the routine duties of childcare or employment. Adult day programs in Chula Vista will offer your family member with a range of activities and qualified care to ensure your peace of mind while they’re away.

At adult day programs, your loved one will have access to:

Healthy physical fitness classes

Fun art lessons

Diverting day trips or excursions to provide an important change of scenery that will maintain mental health.

The care of trained staff who can make sure that your family member is kept safe and provided with anything they might need for their comfort.

Adult day programs in Chula Vista will cost approximately $1700 per month.

Respite Care in Chula Vista

Respite care in Chula Vista is offered in assisted living and nursing home communities during daytime (or in some instances night) hours so that the full-time caregivers can take care of other important responsibilities that preclude staying at home with a needy family member.

Take advantage of respite care, and you’ll know that your loved one is in competent, caring, and well-trained hands, and will receive care as good as or better than you could offer at home.

Your family member will enjoy access to the same amenities as full-time residents which can include:

Access to rehabilitative pools and relaxing sauna.

Trained medical staff that will observe their health condition and provide critical care if needed.

Interesting classes like fitness, art, and engaging seminars.

Fun entertainment like movies and live music.

You Need To Meet People in Chula Vista

The Alzheimer’s Association is an organization that tries to help all Alzheimer’s patients and the people that their disease affects. Through the Alzheimer’s Association (which has offices in almost every major city) you’ll be able to attend support groups, learn about various resources that can help your family, and find out about the latest advances in Alzheimer’s care and treatment.

The Jewish Family Service is a Jewish organization that tries to help families deal with the challenges of providing continuous care for a loved one at home. With the JFS you can have kosher meals delivered to your home, take part in support groups for needed emotional support, and get useful advice to make your life easier.

When You Can’t Provide Full-Time Care in Chula Vista

Whether it’s the birth of a child, the loss of a job, getting a new job, or even an unexpected medical situation, sometimes it becomes impossible to provide continuous care in the home environment. When this happens, you need to look at the option of residential care in a nursing home or assisted living community.

Find assisted living in Chula Vista near you.