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Top Chicago Senior Discounts

Senior citizen discounts vary depending on location throughout Chicago. The senior discount is typically 10 percent to 25 percent. Check with a facility to see what age qualifies you for a senior discount. Some places begin at age 50 while others insist on age 62 and older.

Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory

The Lincoln Park Zoo is getting a facelift with a $125 million campaign for the addition of a new Learning Center and Visitor Center, and the expansion of the Kovler Lion House. You can visit a variety of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Chicago Cultural Center

The center features many free events in the ornate landmark building. Come early to any event to tour the building with its two stained glass domes and intricate interior designs. The programs and exhibitions change throughout the year, but include guest speakers, documentaries, and concerts.

National Museum of Mexican Art

This museum honors the rich history of the Mexican culture as is evident through the display of art. The facility features permanent collections in folk art, photography, paintings and sculptures, prints and drawings, textiles, and more. You can visit the exhibitions and collections for free.

Garfield Park Conservatory

Admission is free at the Garfield Park Conservatory, although the facility will ask for a donation at the door and do offer membership packages with extra benefits. While touring the park, you can take part in programs and activities like Beekeeping, Composters at Work, Tree ID Walk, and the Chicago Bonsai Club Meetings. You can support the conservatory by purchasing plants, honey, and other items from the gift shop.

The Oriental Institute Museum

The museum features educational and interactive exhibits, tours, and lectures. You can learn about the antiquities trade in Iraq and Syria, the Persian Empire, mummy burials, and more. You will want to visit the Tablet Room and view the thousands of tablets on display inscribed in cuneiform.

Elks Veterans Memorial

The Elks Veterans Memorial was built in 1926 to honor American service members throughout the years. The building features a domed-roof, sculptures, friezes, murals, and paintings in its Memorial Rotundas and Grand Reception Room.

The Art Institute of Chicago

One of the top rated art museums in the country resides in Chicago and is a must-see. The diverse collections include the following: African, American, Ancient and Byzantine, Architecture and Design, Medieval and Renaissance, Asian, Contemporary, European Decorative Arts, Modern, Indian Arts of the Americas, Photography, and more.

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

This museum features award-winning exhibits and interactive experiences for the 21st Century. You can tour a coal mining exhibit, a submarine, weather phenomena like tornados and avalanches, and more. On Illinois Free Days, you can enjoy the museum for free. Check MOSI’s website for dates.

Field Museum of Natural History

Come face-to-face with dinosaur skeletons and more than 30 million geological and biological specimens and cultural objects in the museum’s collections. The museum has free daily docent-led tours, the Explorer Café, and The Field Bistro restaurant to enhance your visit.

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