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Medicare in Chicago

The average age of Medicare beneficiaries in Chicago is 73 and with close to 700,000 beneficiaries, there are a lot of people in Chicago that need access to and information about Medicare. If you or a relative needs help finding a local office, learning about benefits, or searching for approved physicians and programs there are plenty of online resources as well as locations throughout Chicago that can help.

Quick Summary of Medicare

If you are 65 or older then you are eligible to participate in Medicare which is a federal health insurance program. Medicare is also for people who have end-stage renal disease as well as younger citizens with disabilities. Medicare comes in four different parts that cover different needs:

Part A is hospital insurance and will help cover hospital stays, hospice care, skilled nursing facilities, and possibly some home health care.

Part B is medical insurance and will help cover doctor visits, outpatient care, medical supplies, and certain preventative services.

Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan which partners with a private company to help pay for Part A and B coverage and covers most services including Private Fee-For-Service Plans and Special Needs Plans.

Part D is prescription drug coverage and adds to the original Medicare Plan so your prescription costs can be covered.

Fast Facts on Chicago Beneficiaries

691,609 Cook County residents were Medicare beneficiaries with Part A and B plans.

In 2014, the actual care costs of Medicare were $5.78 billion.

It costs about $9,692 per person on Medicare in Cook County and that’s 4.3% higher than the national average.

37% of the costs are for inpatient care and 13% go to outpatient care.

In Cook County, high blood pressure is the number one condition receiving Medicare costs.

Chicago Medicare Office

Chicago happens to be the regional office for Region 5 which makes it very convenient for the residents of Chicago and Cook County to get to this office. This office not only handles Medicare but Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan. It is located at:

Office of the Regional Administrator 233 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 600 Chicago, Illinois 60601 312-886-6432

You can use the CTA, including bus and train, to get to this office. The red line train and the blue line train can get you downtown and the 146 and 151 bus will take you down Michigan Avenue.

Finding Chicago Providers

Medicare has a great online tool that will allow you to search for Medicare approved physicians in the area. A quick search through this website for geriatric physicians that accept Medicare-approved amounts shows that there are over 134 health care professionals that cater to those needs. You can further refine your search to the type of doctor you need as well as the type of Medicare that you are going to use.

You can also access the doctors you search through this website. Each entry allows you to click on the doctor and shows you what type of Medicare they accept, where they are located and you can even save them to your favorites so you don’t have to search for their information next time.

You can also search for other health care needs through’s site. You can find nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and all other types of health care needs. You can compare each provider to make sure they meet your needs.

Find assisted living in Chicago near you.