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Medicaid in Chicago

For many across the country, Medicaid is one of the biggest ways seniors cover their long-term care costs. Most seniors don’t know everything that Medicaid covers and this means they are missing out on having a large portion of their bill covered. Medicaid not only takes care of hospital visits and nursing homes, but could cover things like in-home health care, adult day care programs, hospice service, and they can also arrange for transportation to and from your medical appointments. If you want to get the most from your Medicaid coverage, check out this simple guide to resources here in Chicago.

Who is Eligible for Medicaid in Illinois?

There are a few requirements to be eligible for Medicaid in Illinois. You need to be 65 or older or have a disability that is expected to last longer than 30 days. You must have a low-level income and no large assets, not including your house or your car.

Where Do You Apply for Medicaid Benefits in Illinois?

There are a few different options you have when it comes to applying for Medicaid coverage. If you have a computer and you know how to navigate yourself around online, you can head to Illinois’ Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE). On this site, you can see if you qualify for benefits as well as fill out an application.

If you’re more comfortable applying in person, you can find a few different offices in Chicago that will help you fill out your application.

Public Aid Department at 500 N. Pulaski Rd. Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services at 201 S. Grand Ave. E (217) 557-4257 Public Aid Department at 70 E. 21st St. #1 (312) 793-7500

You can also find help through the Illinois Consumer Assistance Program. They have an office in Chicago on Michigan Ave. They will be able to answer any questions that you have about eligibility and filling out an application.

If you need access to a computer, you can use Connect Chicago to find places that offer free computer use and Wi-Fi in your neighborhood. Many of these locations also have employees that can help walk you through the online process.

What Does Medicaid Cover?

Like many other insurance plans, you will get standard health care coverage for things like doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and dental appointments. As a senior, you will also have access to coverage on things like nursing homes, hospice care, in-home health workers like an aide or nurse, and there is even a program to have your house adapted to your needs if you have a disability.

The Illinois Department of Public Health takes care of all the eligible facilities in the state and you can check with them to see where your Medicaid benefits can be used.

Getting To and From Appointments

The city of Chicago allows seniors who meet the requirements to get transportation to and from any medical appointments, errands, or other appointments. The Chicago Transit Authority and Taxi Access Program work together to make sure that wherever you are in the city, you have a safe mode of transportation. For more information or to find out if you are eligible, you can call their office at (312) 663-4357.

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