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Financial Assistance for Chicago Seniors

Chicago is one of the best places a senior would choose to live in because the city has so much to offer, yet its cost of living is 0.6% below the national average. However, retirement can present financial challenges that would make it hard for seniors to meet all their bills owing to changes in their income. If you are a senior living in Chicago, you can get assistance from the numerous agencies, organizations, and support groups you will find listed on the Illinois Department on Aging website. Here is information on meals, utilities, housing maintenance, social services, and rides.

Meals And Groceries Assistance

The City of Chicago emergency food assistance service is available for seniors who are in need. The great thing about this service is that it offers a broad range of food options, fruits and vegetables, and pantries in easily accessible locations. The meals on wheels Chicago and the Chicago-Illinois Food Pantries are also a great food resource available to serve seniors.

Furthermore, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Chicago assists numerous eligible senior citizens to afford food. The application process for the SNAP is fast and straightforward, and the benefits it offers are great.

Utilities And House Maintenance Assistance

The need for most seniors to acquire assistance to pay their utility bills is great. Seniors can easily apply for assistance to pay their utility bills, a service that will help them to take care of their utility expenses with less stress.

The Housing and Community Service Department in Chicago can assist senior homeowners to gain access to home repairs and home customizations that make their homes more friendly for senior citizens. The Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors (SARFS) program makes security, home improvement, and safety services easy to access and very affordable.

Seniors can benefit from affordable housing provided through the Department Of Planning and Development in Chicago. The above department provides assistance with building, rehabilitating, and preserving affordable rental houses, as well as making the neighborhoods safe for all seniors living there. Religious based senior care is available in Chicago, where faith-based organizations provide housing for the elderly depending on their income and their need.

Social Services And Rides

Seniors living in Chicago have a variety of programs tailored to meet their needs and interests, programs that are administered by the Senior Services Area Agency on Aging. Through its six regional senior centres and ten satellite senior centres, the above agency together with non-profit groups provides senior citizens with education, recreation, and health and fitness services.

The senior transportation program in Chicago is fantastic since it can offer seniors door-to-door transportation or emergency medical transportation service to eligible seniors at a very low cost. The cooperation between the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services and the Taxi Access Program of the Chicago Transit Authority makes it possible for all seniors to get to where they need to be with the assistance of professionals who will take excellent care of them.

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