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Chicago Senior Services

Chicago is an old city with roots dating back to the 1800’s. The canal and rail systems soon turned the city into a major transportation hub. Today, Chicago is a booming metropolis and the third largest city, with a scenic and identifiable skyline. Chicago is a tough city that has survived several major disasters, including fires and floods, and has managed to rebuild itself every time. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, immigrants from nearly every country settled in various neighborhoods in and around Chicago, making it an ethnically friendly city. The rich history of Chicago makes it a senior-friendly place where Chicago’s neighborhoods take care of their aging seniors. Here is a sampling of some of the senior services in Chicago.

City of Chicago Senior Services and Assessment Services is a one-stop service for Chicago seniors. Central Information and Assessment is located in Chicago City Hall and has satellite centers in five community locations that are housed in the regional senior centers. The service provides linkage to all senior programs including medical, fitness, financial, employment, meals, transportation, and social activities. Find out more by calling (312) 744-4016.

Illinois Department on Aging is a service that refers seniors and their caregivers to programs for care coordination, adult day care, senior centers, senior companionship, in-home care, meals, and much more.

Chicago Housing Authority helps seniors with Housing Choice Vouchers and finding safe, public housing. Seniors may be able to access a variety of housing including single family homes and senior apartments. The Chicago Housing Authority is nearly complete with a recent, extensive overhaul of over 25,000 public housing units.

Council for Jewish Elderly is the hub of services for Chicago area Jewish seniors and their families. The council engages a comprehensive network of senior services including housing, healthcare, community services, health and wellness education, and life enrichment programs. The center also has unique programs that are specially dedicated to caring for survivors of the Holocaust.

Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services is a non-profit, accredited organization that is one of Chicago’s oldest and most extensive senior service networks serving the north side of Chicago. The program links seniors to an extensive continuum of care that includes rehabilitative care, subacute care, skilled memory support, memory supportive living, computer services, and housing.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is a volunteer-based program in Chicago that provides companionship for seniors. Volunteers make visits to seniors and develop friendships with them over time, taking them out to lunch, shopping, and other activities.

The Catholic Charities has long been a staple of social services in the Chicago area. The Senior Services department provides a comprehensive array of senior services including program linkage, case management, adult day programs, help with chores and housekeeping, meals, housing, protective services, employment, medical assistance, transportation, and family caregiving services. Center on Halsted is a unique senior program that is geared to the LGBTQ population in Chicago. The program is easy to access in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. This program offers activities such as volleyball, dance performances, and cooking classes. They also offer rapid HIV testing, group therapy, and vocational training. Center on Halsted partners with other LGBTQ non-profit organizations to provide support and resources to support LGBTQ seniors.

This is a small sampling of the services that Chicago offers for seniors. Many of the ethnic neighborhoods and area ecumenical establishments also offer help for Chicago’s seniors.

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