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Chicago Senior Realtors

Anyone looking to buy or sell a home will likely need the help of a realtor, but the process often looks completely different when seniors are looking to move out of their home. When retired seniors don’t have the boundaries of a job or a family that needs raising, they may not be looking to buy a home in the same area. They may have dreams of traveling or might even be moving into an assisted living facility.

No matter where a senior intends to move after they sell their house, there is a good chance they’re not looking to purchase something new. When this is the case, it can ruin the process for the realtor. That is why it can be beneficial to use a real estate agent who has experience working with seniors.

What is a Chicago Senior Real Estate Agent?

A senior real estate agent takes into account the special needs that a senior selling their home would need. When a realtor wants to be certified to work with seniors, they can take a course to become a ,Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES.

An SRES approaches the sale of senior’s home understanding the emotional and financial connection that often comes when an individual must sell the home they raised their family in. Those who are leaving their homes to enter an assisted living facility or nursing home may feel even more emotional about the sale.

Who Should Use a Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor works with individuals over 50 years old, regardless of their moving circumstances. Anyone over 50 can use a senior realtor, from individuals who are still thriving at work but are looking for a smaller empty-nest to those who want to sell their home to travel.

When is a Senior Realtor Recommended?

If you’re looking to sell your family home and you’re over the age of 50, a senior realtor can help you successfully put your house on the market. They understand the connection that you have with your home and will be sensitive to the emotions you may experience when looking to move out.

Furthermore, a senior realtor is trained in knowing how to make the transition as smooth as possible. They can help seniors looking to sell their home avoid scams that target older borrowers and also understand how a 401k, IRA, or pensions can influence the sale and purchase of a home. A senior realtor is also an expert in reverse mortgages, which can be very beneficial to individuals over 50.

How to Find a Senior Realtor in Chicago

There are dozens of Senior Real Estate Specialists in the Chicago area, so finding one that fits your needs shouldn’t be difficult. The SRES website uses an easy-to-use search that allows you to view the information of the various senior realtors, including the companies that they work for, the area of Chicago in which they are located, and the best way you can get in touch.

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