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Chicago Senior Living

For many seniors, the decision to admit they need help is a difficult one. Many believe that they will have to leave their home and enter an assisted living facility, but there are so many more options available today. Chicago not only has great senior living options, there are also in-home care solutions and hired help that can allow you to stay in your current home while having others take care of chores you can no longer do on your own. Our guide will help you learn a little about all of your options so you can make the right choice for you.

What does senior living cost in Chicago?

If you looked at the median rates for different types of assisted living in Chicago , the rates are going to be slightly higher than the national median. In 2015, the national average cost for a private room in a nursing home was $91,250 and in Chicago, the average was $92,163. It was less for a semi-private room with Chicago coming in at $82,125 and nationally it was $81,300.

Other kinds of care like homemaker services, adult day care, and home health aides in Chicago were also a littler higher than the national averages, but adult day care did come in at a lower cost. Assisted living facilities are also another option and the Chicago average was $58,740 while the national average was around $43,200.

Now keep in mind, these aren’t the exact rates that you will pay because there is a wide range of price options. You can also customize your care and choose to use a part-time home health aide or only go to adult day care a few days per week. Also, keep in mind that over the years these prices are expected to increase. However, no matter your budget, you can find something that works with your lifestyle and finances.

Senior living options in Chicago

There are so many options when it comes to senior care and living that it’s important to know everything Chicago has to offer. You might find it’s easier to move into an assisted living facility that takes care of all your needs or maybe you would prefer to stay in your home and have some extra help with your chores and errands.

At-home help

Homemaker services- These companies can take care of simple chores around your house like cleaning, cooking, and personal care such as bathing or grooming. Places like Chicago Elite Homecare, Inc. will meet with you and can come up with a plan along with a list of services that you need. You can even contact the City of Chicago to receive in home care help.

Home Health Services- If you need personalized medical attention like wound care or physical therapy, you can look into places like All Help Health Services. These companies employ nurses and other health workers to provide you medical care so you don’t always have to make a trip to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Adult Day Care Programs- If you have a family member that takes care of you most of the time but has to go to work during the day, adult day care programs can be a huge benefit. At places like Renaissance Adult Day Care you can socialize with other adults your age, receive healthy meals, exercise, and even take classes all while under the supervision of a health care worker. You can even find specialized programs for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Independent Concierge Services- If you just want a little extra help with your daily chores, you can look into online websites like Amazon Home Services, Angie’s List, or other community websites. You can find dog-walkers, a handyman, personal shoppers, and various types of help.

Important questions to ask at-home help

When you have someone coming into your home to provide you with care, you want to make sure they have the proper qualifications and certifications.

Are they insured and bonded? Does the company you selected use background checks? Is there an emergency back-up care taker if they fall through? Do they have the proper licensing from the state to perform their tasks? For adult day care, is there transportation provided?

Assisted living and nursing homes

You don’t have to receive care in your home and in fact, sometimes it’s easier to get the care you need from an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Just like in-home care, you have plenty of options to make it work for your needs.

Independent living- This is best described as a “resort” or retirement community for seniors. You can live in your own home or apartment and still enjoy an active lifestyle.

Assisted living- This is similar to independent living where you will get your own living space, but you can also have help with house maintenance, daily meals, and chores, as well as around the clock assistance if needed.

Nursing homes- These are for people who need skilled medical attention and care for medical conditions. Nurses provide wound care, medication management, and therapy for seniors who are no longer able to do it themselves or need extra help after surgery.

Dementia care- These facilities are set up just like nursing homes but they specialize in dementia care and Alzheimer’s disease. The specially trained staff keep the patients safe, calm, and help cut down on the instances of wandering or getting lost.

Important questions to ask facilities

What services are covered by the fees? Can you use independent services while in the facility? Are there extra services for an additional fee? Also, ask to see the state inspection report. They have to show it to you and this report can give you important information about the facility.

Paying for senior care

Costs can seem really high, but it doesn’t have to be completely out of reach. You can check into social security benefits, or if you’re a veteran you can check your VA benefits. Medicaid can also help if you’re a low-income family and you meet the requirements. As a homeowner, you could look into a reverse mortgage as long as you know all of the ramifications about this option.

Volunteer opportunities

If you want to get more involved in your community during your retirement years, there are plenty of opportunities. The best place to check is the Senior Corps. This group has plenty of volunteering opportunities for seniors looking to give back to their community. Just check their website for options and direction.

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