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Chicago Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Many seniors want to be able to stay in their homes as long as possible and there are many at-home care options. However, sometimes caregivers need to be away from their home or duties and that is when adult day care programs come in handy. They can provide a place for seniors to go during the day where they will be safe and supervised as well as get the chance to socialize with their peers and participate in group activities. Here is what you need to know about adult day care and respite care in Chicago.

What Are Adult Programs And Respite Care Like?

Typically, these programs are like drop-off daycare for adults who have daily care needs that need to be monitored. Most of the seniors in adult day care need some kind of physical or cognitive help in their day-to-day tasks and can’t be alone for long periods of time. Day care programs can take place in a variety of settings from senior and community centers to church basements and senior living communities. They are usually open from Monday through Friday, but closed on major holidays, and operate during typical business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

There are a variety of activities that the seniors can participate in while they are at daycare, but as a rule, state licensed programs will serve a hot lunch and possibly even breakfast or snacks. There is generally a nursing staff that can oversee medications or other medical needs like changing a bandage. Staff, in general, will make sure that all the needs of each senior are met and keep them happy throughout the day. There are even programs that can tailor their care for those that have dementia or other cognitive issues.

Seniors can participate in group activities like card or board games, arts and crafts, cognitive skills, and music therapy. They might get visits from outside groups for entertainment or have therapy pets and there are programs that offer classes such as art, cooking, or gardening for those that are physically able. The Illinois Department on Aging handles all licensing and activities for adult day care programs.

Who Provides Day Care In Chicago?

There are over 25 different adult day care programs throughout the city of Chicago and even more in the surrounding suburbs. You can look for ones that are near your home, your place of work, or another convenient location so you don’t have to go too far out of your way when dropping off and picking up your loved one. A few of the different locations in Chicago are:

White Crane Wellness Center on West Winona in Northeast Chicago

Rush University Medical Center Alzheimer’s Family Care Center in Northwest Chicago

Bethel New Life on Thomas in Central Chicago

Renaissance Adult Day Services, Inc. on South Greenwood in Southeast Chicago

Holistic Community Outreach, Inc. on South Western Ave. in Southwest Chicago

Talk with your loved one’s physicians, family, friends, and other health professionals to get referrals to programs as well as check out the list of licensed providers from the Department on Aging.

What Is The Cost And Who Pays For Care?

The average cost of adult day care programs in Chicago is around $72, which is less than assisted living as well as in-home health aides. A long-term care policy could cover the cost of adult day care, if it is needed for medical or cognitive issues. If you’re a low-income senior, Medicaid might be able to help or VA benefits could cover some of the cost. You can also contact the Senior Health Assistance Program through the Illinois Department on Aging for more financial assistance.

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