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Chicago Rehab Centers

If a loved one is suffering from an injury, an acute illness or needs care after an operation, a nursing home is a great place for them to receive expert care outside the hospital. Most people think that nursing homes are places for people where residents stay there permanently, which is not necessarily the case because approximately 30% of all patients in nursing homes stay there between one and three years. When your doctor wants to send you or a loved one to a nursing home or for rehab, here is what you can expect.

What Goes On In A Rehab?

The rehab personnel looks into the condition of their patients; they assess what the patients will need over a period and then develop a care plan that they follow for the period the patients will be in their care facility. Every patient in the rehab is unique from the next, meaning that the care plans for each patient will be exclusive to their condition and severity.

Where To Go For Rehab In Chicago

Some of the best rehabs in Chicago most suitable for seniors are in nursing homes and senior communities. The top-rated senior communities according to are:

Boulevard Care Nursing & Rehab Center – This is a wonderful nursing home and rehab and it can cater for up to 155 seniors comfortably.

California Gardens Nursing & Rehabilitation Center – This nursing home is ideal for offering post-acute care.

International Nursing & Rehab Center – Patients here come with chronic health conditions or injuries that require long-term care You can also ask your physician or a friend who has ever spent time in a rehab or had a family member benefit from rehabilitation care in a nursing home for recommendations.

What To Look Out For In A Rehab Center

Look for a rehab that has a stellar reputation for providing patients with the best care and producing great results because you want your patient to improve as fast as possible and get back to his or her life. Also, it is a great idea to confirm that the rehab center accepts the insurance you have so that you do not end up paying the bills from your savings.

How Will You Make Your Payments?

Finances should not prevent a patient from receiving the care that he or she needs but since running the facility and a physician's care cost a lot of money, a patient can look into any of the following methods of payment.

Insurance: Most health insurance covers cater for part or the whole cost of inpatient rehab stay. Make sure the facility accepts your insurance provider.

Medicare: Medicare part A pays for treatment in rehab centers or hospitals, while part B does not cover inpatient or outpatient services in rehab centers.

Payment assistance: Some inpatient rehab programs can pay part of a patient's treatment cost. The above only happens the first time a patient is in the program.

Patients can also pay using facility scholarships, military coverage, or even borrowing from financial institutions, family, or friends.

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