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Chicago Estate Sales

Dealing with a loved one’s belongings after they have passed away, or moved to a permanent care home, is a huge responsibility. The task is even more overwhelming when the loved one was a collector or a hoarder. An estate sales service can help you by clearing out the clutter and selling or auctioning the items your family does not want. Estate sales solve the problem of housefull of items that you may not have space for or your family cannot agree about what items to split. The estate sales professional will take care of everything on their end, allowing you time to grieve after a loved one’s passing, if necessary.

Estate Sales Processes

An estate sales professional will take inventory of your loved one’s belongings that you want sold, including furniture. These professionals know collectors in the Chicago area and may offer an exclusive preview to make sure you receive a high return on collections and other items. Companies, like Aether Estate Sales Company, focus on arranging sales and auctions to yield increasingly high returns for the estate. The company may market your sale using their available social media channels and expanding the sale to three days at a time.

The estate sales company will declutter, clean, and arrange items for viewing in order to showcase the features of each piece. After the sale, they may offer the remaining items to a charity for a tax write-off.

The amount received from all sales is then calculated and fees and commissions are deducted from the gross, as well as any debts the estate may have owed. You and the executor of the will are kept up-to-date throughout the process with itemized receipts and accounting spreadsheets.

The Cost of Estate Sales Services

The cost for an estate sales service may be a percentage of the total sales. Some companies, like Xcntric Estate Sales, do not charge upfront fees and are commission-based only. The average commission fee is 10 to 25 percent, although some charge 35 percent depending on the company. If the professional has to do a lot of cleaning and clearing of clutter, the percentage may be increased.

The company may provide a free walk-through and consultation to see if your loved one’s estate is worth the time and trouble of hiring an estate sales company.

Finding an Estate Sales Company in Chicago

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations for estate sales companies in the Chicago area. Your attorney or the executor of the will may be able to provide referrals. Senior care directories may feature ratings and reviews for companies in your area.

You can find estate sales companies on the Better Business Bureau for Chicago and Northern Illinois website. Look for companies with certifications from the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Both organizations host databases that you can use to search for appraisers in and around Chicago. Always check out references for any company before hiring one to handle your loved one’s possessions.

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