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Chicago Elder Law Attorneys

Retirement often means relaxing and getting to do the things you didn’t have time for before, but often there are a few complications that come up as you begin to age. Things like dealing with health and insurance companies, pensions, government agencies, and other healthcare providers can often leave seniors feeling drained and taken advantage of. It’s also a time to think about getting your estate, affairs, and wills in order. All of these situations can be made easier with quality legal advice from an elder law attorney. A good attorney will keep your wishes and desires at the front of everything you do and make sure that you feel secure in all your decisions.

Why Does Elder Law Matter?

There are a few aspects of elder law that are extremely complicated like dealing with Medicaid benefits, estate planning, and senior housing. Many of these topics are intertwined and one decision will have a ripple effect on others. For example, Medicaid benefits are tied up with your assets and those can be affected by inheritance and your estate.

Elder law attorneys, know the ins and outs of all these complex situations and they also know how to handle the emotions that can come up during any one of these proceedings. These attorneys are also often very connected within the senior community and can help you find the resources and tools you need for many situations.

Who Can Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

You yourself can hire an elder law attorney for the purposes of planning and legal advice. It could also be beneficial for friends or family members to seek the counsel of an elder law attorney if they have questions over guardianship, suspect senior abuse -financial or physical- or believe that a loved one is no longer able to handle their affairs.

When Is The Best Time To Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

When you begin to plan your estate and write out a will is one of the best times to seek the counsel of an elder law attorney. Attorneys that specialize in estate planning, advance healthcare directives, and know how asset ownership affects benefits will save you a lot of stress and ultimately money. It will also make it easier for your future caregivers if you are ever unable to contribute to have a clear plan ready to go.

You can, of course, also contact an elder law attorney if you ever have any questions or concerns related to your senior status. This can include things like:

Insurance and long-term care Discrimination on the job Senior housing Medicaid and VA claims or appeals

Make sure you find an attorney that specializes in your specific aspect of elder law so that you can get the best counsel possible.

Where Can I Find An Elder Law Attorney?

You want to make sure you find a highly qualified attorney when it comes to elder law. You can talk with your friends and family and get suggestions for attorneys in your area. If you have a family lawyer, ask them for recommendations as well.You can search websites like National Academy of elder law attorneys, National Elder Law Foundation, and Super Lawyers. The State Bar Association of Illinois also has a search program that will allow you to find elder law attorneys by county.

The State Bar Association of Illinois is also a good place to start when you need legal advice on a wide variety of topics. They have many resources and can guide you to the right place for your legal questions.

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