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Chicago Concierge Services

Chicago is home to several concierge services that provide residents with affordable assistance with everything from general errands to housecleaning to grocery shopping. House bound seniors and caregivers alike can use the services to make life a little bit easier by delegating these tasks.

Chicago’s Concierge Services

Mass-market concierge services like Taskrabbit that allow you to post the task you need taken care of and review the offers you receive. The uber-successful mass-retailer Amazon has also launched a concierge service known as Amazon Home Services. You can order services and pay directly with the payment information you have on file. Ordering is easy as you can purchase prepackaged services or request a quote from professionals. Amazon Home Services provide home repair and cleaning, lawn and garden, assembly, and other services.

The following is a list of concierge services found in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Exec from Handy is a cleaning service that hires background-checked professional cleaner. The company only uses non-toxic green cleaners to keep your family and pets safe. Contact the company for a quote based on the number of rooms you need cleaned.

Favor is a fast food and restaurant delivery app to make busy days less stressful. Whether you are a full-time caregiver or home bound senior citizen, you can choose the restaurant and have a “runner” bring the food to your door. The service charges $5 plus five percent of the delivery cost plus tip.

Chicago Anytime Assistants are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can use the service when you do not have time to run personal errands, organize your home, schedule appointments and reservations, do car and home maintenance, and schedule pet care. You can purchase a service package or pay $45 per hour.

Chicago’s Girl On The Go is a personal assistant service in Chicago to help you balance responsibilities. The service not only runs errands and handles personal shopping, but the assistants can water your plants, and take care of your pets and fish while you are away. Contact the company for a quote.

Jill Of All Trades is another personal concierge service in Chicago that serves men, women, seniors, and families. Not only does the company run errands and schedule appointments, but they can help busy caregivers with the children’s homework, studying, and tutoring. They also offer personal stylist services including outfit planning, clothes shopping, and closet organization, so you always look your best. The service charges $60 per hour with a one hour minimum, then in 15 minute increments, or you can purchase packages starting at $275.

Instacart allows you to grocery shop from the convenience of home and have your items delivered in as little as an hour. Delivery fees start at $3.99.

Checking Concierge Options

Before hiring a concierge service, whether a company or individual, screen them thoroughly and ask for referrals. You can find legitimate companies online and read reviews from other clients. The Better Business Bureau may also list a rating and any complaints, resolved or not, on its website.

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