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Chicago Aging In Place

You might have never heard the term “aging in place” before but it’s probably a concept that most seniors would agree with. We all want to be able to stay in the comfort of our homes for as long as possible and more seniors are able to do just that with the help of in-home health care services. Whether you live in a high-rise on the Gold Coast or a 2-story walk up in Lakeview, you can find services like homemakers to help with your daily chores like cooking or cleaning and home health aides to help you with personal tasks like bathing and grooming as well as keeping a scheduled health routine.

How Can I Afford These Services?

Before you think that these services sound like a luxury you can’t afford, you should know that there are programs out there that might be able to help you pay for them. If your doctor has decided that you need help with your care to stay in your home safely there are some reimbursement options. If you have long-term care insurance, you could pay for these services through that policy and low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits to cover home health. The Illinois Department of Aging also has a community services program that helps seniors remain in their homes and veterans can use their VA assistance or pension to pay for services.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

Each senior will have a different cost of care depending on their health and level of help that they need each day as well as where they live.

The national daily average for home health care is $126 with homemaker services costing about $125 per day and home health aides costing about $127. In Chicago, that number is a little higher at about $144 per day for both homemaker services and home health aides. Per month, you can expect to pay about $4,385 to be able to stay in your home and get health care which is a pretty good deal when you consider it costs about $6,844 per month for a semi-private nursing care room.

How Do I Find A Good Provider?

The best advice is to get suggestions from people you trust and have used these services before like your family members, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Another good option is to check user reviews on the Chicago Better Business Bureau and read their business reports.

You also want to talk with each care provider about their licensing and insurance and make sure they are bonded. Ask about their interview process and how they hire their employees and find out if they do background checks. Once you have decided on a company, thoroughly go over their contract and the terms of agreement before you sign anything.

Are There Any Other Options For Care?

Maybe you don’t need a full-time caregiver just yet but would like a little extra help around the house or with your chores. With the growth of internet-based service programs, you can find help for almost everything everywhere.

Chicago has plenty of access to these services including for dog walking or pet sitting, Handy for help with housecleaning, and TaskRabbit for various household chores or errands. If you need help remodeling your house to make it more senior-friendly you can find help through or Amazon Home Services. Make sure you vet each place you decide to work with and that you understand their policies and feel comfortable with their employees.

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