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What’s the Cost of Living in Charlotte, NC?

Retirement brings many changes to your life. The most important change retirement brings is no longer being tied to the area where your job was located. You can realize substantial savings by moving to another part of the country. If you need to stretch your retirement income as far as possible, and you’re adventurous enough to pack up and go, relocation could be the way to go.

Forbes magazine states that the cost of living in Charlotte, N.C. is just 1.3% above the national average, which is better than what you find in the biggest employment centers in the United States.

Medical Care in Charlotte

As you enter your golden years, access to quality medical care becomes an important consideration. Charlotte, N.C., is the home of the Carolinas Medical Center (CMC), which is a part of the Carolinas HealthCare System and is the biggest research hospital in the area. Besides CMC, Charlotte is where the Novant Health integrated health care system is found. Novant Health serves 34 North Carolina counties. Charlotte is a great place to stay healthy and active through the medical challenges of old age.

Charlotte Housing Costs

The average cost to rent in Charlotte is $1350, not as inexpensive as some areas but more affordable than many other U.S. cities. If you need a 2 bedroom, you’ll be paying approximately $1500 and a 1 bedroom is considerably cheaper at $1206. Home prices are steadily rising, though some good deals can still be had. Retirees will find Charlotte an affordable city to settle down in relative to most other options with similar amenities.

Charlotte Food Prices

People in Charlotte spend slightly less than the national average on food costs according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. You will spend approximately $0.85 cents for a quart of milk and less than $5 per pound for boneless chicken breast.

Restaurants and take-out food are averages for the U.S. as a whole, and there is a wide variety of options available to Charlotte residents. Look forward to spending about $11 for a burger meal.

Mass Transportation in Charlotte

Charlotte, N.C., has a well-established system of mass transportation. The Charlotte Area Transit System provides trains and buses to a broad swathe of the Charlotte area. As aging eyesight and reflexes make driving a less appealing option, the Charlotte mass transportation system will make getting about safe and easy. Charlotte paratransit ensures that residents who have trouble moving about on their own will still be able to get where they need to.

Charlotte Senior Care Expenses

According to NPR, the cost of an assisted-care facility in Charlotte averages about $3730 per month. While not the most expensive compared to the U.S. average, it’s still something that will have to be carefully considered depending on your retirement package. It’s easy to stretch your retirement dollars in Charlotte if you compare prices and take advantage of the mass transportation options the city has available to you.

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