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Top Charlotte Senior Discounts

Charlotte is a perfect town for older adults because there is so much to do and see. Fortunately, you can visit numerous attractions at a fraction of the cost because of senior discounts. Here are just a few of the places you can visit in Charlotte that offer a discount for their older patrons!

1. Charlotte Tours

Even if you’ve lived in Charlotte your whole life, there might be some interesting tidbits that you can learn from this guided tour. This tour will take you through the busy downtown so you can see where to go, and it will also take you through some of the suburbs so you can see what life is like in Charlotte.

2. The Billy Graham Library

This library is totally free for all, so it makes a great trip for the whole family. You can take guided tours, learn all about the life of Billy Graham, look around his library, and even stroll through the memorial prayer garden all at no cost. The museum is closed on Sundays.

3. Mint Museum

Take a look at art and culture of the ancient Americans as well as art from European and African cultures. You can take a guided tour or just stroll through the museum at your leisure. The senior discount is for general admission and special exhibits.

4. Nascar Hall Of Fame

If you love everything about race cars and Nascar, then you will want to visit the hall of fame. It displays the history and legacy of some of the most famous drivers in Nascar and offers interactive exhibits both the young and old will enjoy.

5. Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Nature lovers will be right at home in the botanical gardens. There are over 400 acres of land that display plants from all over the world. There are numerous gardens and plans to expand even more. You can take a tour or stroll through your favorite gardens.

6. Carolinas Aviation Museum

Retired pilots and airplane enthusiasts will love the exhibits, history, and education they can find at the Carolinas Aviation Museum. There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits that let you get up close to some of the most famous airplanes and pilots as well as areas to have private events or birthday parties.

7. Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts & Culture

This cultural center seeks to preserve and promote the numerous contributions African Americans have had on American culture. There are exhibits on art, dance, music, theater, literature, and community outreach. There are guided tours as well as tours for the disabled so they can easily get around. The center is closed on Mondays.

8. Ray’s Splash Planet And Fitness Center

Ray’s Splash Planet is a great trip for grandparents and their grandkids because while the kids play on the numerous slides and water park features, the adults can take an aquatic fitness class. Seniors can get a discount to the park and fitness center and if they don’t plan on swimming, there is an even smaller fee.

9. Levine Museum Of The New South

This interactive museum has some of the most comprehensive exhibits and collections on the post-Civil War South. It helps teach children and adults about the past and how that shapes the future. You can take a self-guided tour to see their most popular exhibit, Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers.

10. Discovery Place

The Discovery Place is an interactive, hands-on museum that is trying to change the way that STEM is taught and learned by children. There are exhibits featuring science, technology, and nature created to help kids, and adults, use their imaginations and expand their knowledge.

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