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Medicaid In Charlotte

Many people have heard about Medicaid services, but if you haven’t started using them yet, you might not know all the information available. Almost half of the seniors in Charlotte rely on Medicaid to help with health services like stays in nursing homes, in home health care, adult day services, transportation, and so much more. If you think that you are going to qualify for Medicaid soon, here are some important things you should know.

Who Qualifies For North Carolina Medicaid?

The North Carolina Medicaid program is open to all seniors that are 65 and older or adults who have disabilities that will require care for longer than 30 days. You also have to meet certain income levels and your assets, not including your house or car, will be taken into account.

Where In Charlotte Can You Get Help With Medicaid?

One of the simplest ways to apply for Medicaid or file a claim is to use the North Carolina ePASS online application.

If you don’t have access to the internet or something goes wrong with your online application there are a few other options. You can go to the nearest Department of Social Services building to apply in person. Mecklenburg County has two locations in the area:

301 Billingsley Road (704) 336-3000

3205 Freedom Dr. (704) 336-3000

If you would prefer to talk with someone as you apply for Medicaid, you can go to either of these locations and have your questions answered and get help with the application process. You can also mail an application to either of these departments.

If you don’t have a computer but would prefer to apply online, you can head to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. They have free computers and internet access to make everything simple, and you can get help from any of the librarians on staff.

What Does North Carolina Medicaid Cover For Seniors?

Once in the Medicaid program, seniors can get coverage for things like doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, dentist visits, X-Rays, prescription drugs, and lab work. They might also be eligible for things like in-home care, adult day care services, long-term care facilities, and hospice care.

The North Carolina Medical Assistance Department of Health and Human Services can help you find a primary care provider that will accept Medicaid and be the main contact for all your health needs. The easiest way to determine if other medical providers take Medicaid is just to ask.

Transportation To Your Appointments

If you need to get to your medical appointment but lack means of transportation, Medicaid can help you cover the cost of your trip. While North Carolina doesn’t have any particular service for Medicaid transportation, they will arrange a ride to your appointment through Medicaid approved services that are available in your area.

This service is at no cost to you, and they will make sure you can get to your appointment. You can contact the transportation coordinator at (919) 855-4000 to set up your travel schedule now.

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