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How Much Does Charlotte In-Home Care Cost?

The time has come for you to begin researching in-home care. Do you know what to look for when planning your long-term health care?

Are you prepared for the costs of services, know what to expect when hiring a caregiver, and how to get the right coverage you need on a daily basis?

If you are preparing for in-home health care, then following some basic guidelines will help you find the answers you need.

Important Facts for Charlotte Care

Charlotte Care services can range from $9 to $25 per hour for homemaker services, while health aid rates range the same.

Nearly 21% of the elderly, ages 60 and older, received food stamps within the last year.

The average income for those living on social security is only $17,396 annually.

Elderly living in assisted quarters only makes up 4% of the aging population in Charlotte.

Understanding Rates and Services in Charlotte

With rates going as high as $4,767 per month, knowing what services are included is key to your health program.

Standard care programs will offer essential services that include daily visits, errands, necessary appointment delivery to and from doctor's offices, and even grocery shopping.

The more support you need, the more the rates go up. For example, based on a standard “respite” service, one can expect to get roughly 8 hours of support for the week. This service option can include a couple of short days or one full day of help.

If you need more than a single day of care, then the daily rate is based on part-time or full-time hours worked. Raising your budget to the $1,716 to $4,767 per month range.

Calculating Your Support Needs

The biggest factor of your care expense depends on your level of assistance needed. Taking the time to visit with your doctor can help you decide which types of services you need for yourself or a loved one.

Leveraging your family can also contribute to alleviating extended care needs freeing up your budget, while still offering personal time to handle your day-to-day schedule.

For those needing full-time care, check to see if there are support groups available in your area to help supplement social activities and daily check-ins to help minimize in-home care hours needed.

Knowing What to Ask Your Provider

Having the right checklist of questions to ask can speed up the process when filtering through various agencies. Going to your provider prepared with a set of questions will help you stay consistent in your search requirement while still getting the information you need to make a decision.

Ask if the company has any pending litigation. Do they suffer from malpractice? Are they available for emergency services?

Determine how important family is to the provider by asking what their standard practice is when it comes to family working together in regards to planning care regiments, meal preparation, and potential future changes in the program.

Taking the time to ask those hard questions can help you quickly weed out any potential clients that do not meet your standards, or who don't offer the types of service you want. Making the decision much easier and saving you both time and money.

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