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Charlotte Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Charlotte, North Carolina seniors don’t have to spend their retirement years retired from new experiences. You have acquired decades of experience in the course of your professional career, why let it go to waste?

Volunteering is one way to use your talents and knowledge to enrich your community and bring yourself unexpected professional or social opportunities.

Read further to see some of the ways you can use volunteering to enrich your retirement years.

Volunteer at the Levine Children’s Hospital

Make a difference in a child’s life at Levine Children’s Hospital. As an in-house volunteer, you can support the Hospital’s mission in many ways. You can make a child’s stay more enjoyable by reading stories and playing games. Take on the responsibility of providing non-clinical support to children in the Hospital’s progressive care nursery.

Free up staff to take care of critical hospital tasks by assuming administrative functions like answering phones and paging staff.

You can help transport or discharge patients from the Hospital and assist patients and their families in the Family Resource Center.

Volunteer at Levine Children’s Hospital to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable patients.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is a wonderful place for book lovers to volunteer their time. The Library needs volunteers to help serve patrons the range of programs and services that make it a valued Charlotte educational resource.

Help integrate our newest residents as an English as a Second Language tutor. Teach library patrons how to use the internet for searches and email. Restore torn and damaged books to usefulness.

The Library needs administrative help and volunteers are always needed for the ceaseless task of re-shelving books and reference materials.

You will need to pass a background check and attend an orientation as part of the application process, then find out where you can contribute best to the Library.

The Greater Charlotte SPCA

The Greater Charlotte SPCA is always happy to accept help from dedicated animal lovers. If you spent your working life in management or administration, the SPCA could use your skills in grant writing, news, media, public relations, and finance.

Any clerical talent will find a place performing volunteer administrative support in the SPCA offices. Any former IT professionals would be appreciated to help with their website.

On a more basic level, the SPCA needs dog and cat foster homes, transport drivers and help at adoption events.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

If you have always been fascinated by police work, then why not volunteer at the CMPD? Once you complete training, you can be placed in a variety of positions:

The Animal Care and Control Unit Citizens on Patrol Mobile Radar Unit Lake Citizens on Patrol

Volunteering for the CMPD can be a fascinating window into the world of law enforcement, and an opportunity to receive valuable training.

Don’t Retire – Volunteer!

Make the most of your retirement by helping others, learning new skills, and getting out in the world to create great, new memories!

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