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Charlotte Senior Realtors

Many seniors will find the need to sell their home either because it’s too big and they’re ready to downsize, or they are no longer able to maintain their home. Selling and buying a house as a senior can be a little bit different because there are a lot of things to consider including retirement planning, long-term care options, and estate planning. These can be complicated issues for a realtor that has not had any training with senior housing, so it’s important to seek out one of the many qualified agents in the Charlotte area.

What Is A Senior Realtor?

In short, it is a regular realtor with added certification and training to deal with older clients. Some realtors choose to become a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) through the National Association of Realtors. This title includes taking extra courses along with their real estate training to add the SRES onto their title. Some states offer another type of certification called the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP), through the Senior Real Estate Institute. North Carolina does not offer this certification, so you will only find Senior Real Estate Specialists in Charlotte.

SRES and CSHP agents work with other professionals like social workers, elder law attorneys and CPA’s to help their clients get what they need when they decide to move or sell their home. All of these professionals have extensive training to handle any financial, legal, or emotional issue that any senior might face.

Who Do Senior Realtors Work With?

Both SRES and CSHP agents work with adults that are 50 and older. These clients can include adults who are at the height of their professional careers, seniors that are looking to retire in a few years, recent empty nesters, or older adults who can no longer take care of themselves in their home and need to move into an assisted living facility.

When Should You Work With A Senior Realtor?

After you have reached your 50’s, a lot of things change. Perhaps your kids are off to college or have started their own families, maybe you’re ready to downsize so you can travel more, or it might be time to consider moving to a senior community. These are all times to consider using a senior realtor because they understand all the different ins and outs of a senior relocation. They can help you stay within your budget, which could be limited if you’re retired, and they can help you learn about different financial strategies like reverse mortgages.

These agents can even help you if you’re not ready to move yet but are concerned with your parents living situation or even need help outfitting your house with safety features like ramps or chairlifts. They know who to call or where to go to help you with any of these problems.

Since senior realtors work with other professionals that specialize in senior affairs, they can also connect you with any other type of assistance you need, such as an elder law attorney for estate planning or a CPA to learn more about Social Security benefits and to budget your retirement.

Where Can I Find A Senior Realtor?

The best place for people in Charlotte to find an SRES agent is to look at the National Association of Realtors website. You can find all the qualified agents in your area by just entering your city and zip code along with your state. For example, the zip code 28205 came back with SRES agents at companies like HM Properties, Progressive Urban retail, and Savvy + Co Real Estate. In addition to their SRES qualification, some of these agents have other qualifications like green building, foreclosure, or even military moving that could be of service to you.

You can also talk to close friends and neighbors to see if they have any suggestions for trusted senior realtors in your neighborhood. Just make sure to find a realtor that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable with the process of selling your home and moving.

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