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Charlotte Retirement Planning

Preparing for retirement can be a long and involved process. If you start planning early on, then you’ll have a financially secure old age.

However, many people avoid thinking about this inevitable stage of life. According to Transamerica, in a survey of over 4,000 American workers, only a little more than half of them know how much they’ll need for retirement.

Most of the people surveyed agree that they should learn more about retirement planning. A certified financial planner can help. There are many financial planners in the Charlotte area that can help you set your retirement plans in order. Read further to learn more about retirement planning in Charlotte.

Important Planning Topics

According to the CFP Board of Standards, people should think about a variety of financial issues regarding retirement:

After-retirement income

Health care and insurance

Long-term care planning

Disposition of the Estate

While these issues can seem complicated, it is important that you plan for each of them. The longer you delay planning for each eventuality, the harder it will be to set up a financially secure and comfortable life in your senior years.

Maximizing Your Retirement Funds

It’s recommended that you take advantage of proper planning to reduce your taxes and maximize your retirement benefits. A certified financial planner will explain practical steps you can take to do this. Your planner will show you that choosing when to collect your benefits will affect your retirement income.

A good financial planner will prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you over the long-term; even the way you take money out after retirement affects your tax burden.

Use a certified financial planner to discover whether you should retire sooner or later, depending on what resources you’ve collected for the post-retirement years. A financial planner will tell you if you should continue working after retirement to maintain your standard of living.

CFPs in Charlotte, North Carolina

There is a wide selection of certified financial planners in the Charlotte area. Though it may seem difficult to choose a planner for your retirement needs, there are online tools that can help you narrow the list down to those planners who are closest to your requirements.

Online Sources You Can Use

One of the best online search tools can be found on the CF Board of Standards database. Use their database to search by zip code to find planners near you, and then refine your search to locate planners who specialize in retirement planning.

The Better Business Bureau of North Carolina has a handy list of BBB-accredited financial consultants that includes informative reviews.

Ask People You Trust

Don’t forget to ask friends, family, and business associates if they can recommend a planner who can help you. If the financial planner helped someone in a similar situation to yours, he might be able to help you too.

Start Soon

The sooner you find a competent financial planner, the more likely you’ll secure a comfortable retirement as you end your working years.

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